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  1. craftservQC

    BitHUmen | News

    Thanks for this news...
  2. craftservQC

    Tv-Vault | Nominations and Voting

    thansk for this news The minimum amount of characters allowed is 25
  3. craftservQC

    hdaccess 5x,TD 2x,Sdbits 5x

    I would like apply for SDBits : Thanks you m8 great giveaway
  4. craftservQC


    Thanks you Crypto It's very appreciated
  5. craftservQC


    I apply for (.lt) invite please, have been looking for it Thanks
  6. craftservQC

    15x Trancetraffic

    Hello People, I have 15 x Trancetraffic Invite for a good user Winner will be a active user: With nice Giveaways. With helpful threads/posts (Tracker Reviews, Open Signup Trackers, News, Tutorials). Who fulfilled requests. Active on the forums. Active on the Shoutbox. Who promoted IS in various way. As we are in the VIP Giveaways, Donors will be preferred. Rules: 1. Apply here. Please Do not PM me. 2. Do not post any proofs unless i ask you to do so. 3. Do not start spamming me with any possible way (Messengers, PMs etc)
  7. craftservQC

    1x IPT

    Pm Me Your Email
  8. craftservQC

    Torrentleech down 404 Not Found nginx
  9. craftservQC

    HDCN (Application SignUp)

    I got this error SQL Error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'm sharing 24 hours a day for 365 days a year', '2015-01-16 12:39:46', 'invite/20' at line 1 in /var/www/html/sl/invitebox.php, line 72
  10. craftservQC

    Tracker music are now open You can create your account here :
  11. craftservQC

    Overflow-Tracker It opens now. Plz sign up fast to make an account
  12. Welcome to Invite Scene SeediBOT :)

    1. craftservQC


      Thanks you, what is your skype ?