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  1. Hi guys, I just joined. I have been using feral hosting seedbox for the past one month. Its basically a cheap(but very good) , shared seedbox hosted out of the netherlands. I havent seen any dedicated boxes on their site(i maybe wrong) NAME:FeralHosting Pros: SPEED:VeryGood GUI:rtorrent, deluge, transmission and rutorrent GUI Speed: Very Good even with a large number of torrents i have gone up ~100 SUPPORT: Very Good Cons: The ftp speeds and BT Sync to india(country i stay in) are a bit slow(as in 1MB/s max). This was with cuteFTP multi segment. The support guys recently suggested a reroute which allows the users the path they want the traffic to their home system to go through. Trying that out The best part of their site is their wiki. When u are starting off with seedboxes their wiki helped me immensley in getting to know anything and everything about setting up my seedbox. Their support guys are really helpful. The setup times for slots are also within minutes. I have the neon plan which is like 15 pounds Details of all plans in the below link: I feel they have one the best shared plans value for money and for people just starting up with a seedbox this is a good place. Overrall Rating: 9.5/10 Hope the review helps
  2. Welcome to Invite Scene seedingrocks :)