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  2. Internet provider RCN has modified its countersuit against the RIAA and Rightscorp. The company argues that the piracy notices sent on behalf of music labels were fraudulent and based on flimsy evidence. In addition, piracy tracking firm Rightscorp lacks a private investigator's license, which could cause further trouble. cassette tape pirate musicUnder US copyright law, Internet providers must terminate the accounts of repeat infringers “in appropriate circumstances.” In the past such drastic action was rare, but with the backing of legal pressure, ISPs are increasingly being held to this standard. ISPs Sued Over Repeat Infringers Several major music industry companies including Arista Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, and Warner Records, have filed lawsuits against some of the largest U.S. Internet providers. The list of targets includes RCN, which was sued in 2019. The liability lawsuits are seen as a major threat to the ISP industry, as multiple companies face hundreds of millions of dollars in potential damages. This is not just a hypothetical threat, as the $1 billion verdict against Cox showed. Internet providers hope to avoid ending up in the same position as Cox so several others have gone on the offense. This includes RCN, which accused the RIAA and its anti-piracy partner of sending ‘fraudulent’ DMCA notices. This initial attempt failed a few weeks ago. A New Jersey federal court dismissed the complaint, concluding that RCN failed to show that Rightscorp’s infringement notifications imposed any additional costs. However, the court left the door open for more detailed allegations. RCN Strikes Back, Again The ISP filed its amended answers to the music companies’ complaint at the federal court in New Jersey, denying the copyright infringement allegations. At the same time, RCN countersued the music companies, the RIAA, and piracy tracking firm Rightscorp for unfair practices. “RCN’s counterclaims are based on Rightscorp’s, the RIAA’s, and the Record Labels’ unlawful, unfair, and fraudulent business practices in generating and sending millions of unsupported emails accusing RCN’s customers of BitTorrent-based copyright infringement,” the ISP writes. “Defendants seek to create an environment in which ISPs, including RCN, have no choice but to indiscriminately terminate the internet access of every customer accused of copyright infringement, or face the wrath of the Record Labels and the RIAA.” The countersuit is pretty much identical to the initial complaint, but with a few additions to address the court’s initial concerns. The court dismissed the initial claims because it didn’t include any costs that could be linked directly to the problematic notices. Substantial Costs RCN now points out that the problematic takedown notices directly resulted in added expenses. This includes legal costs, as well as additional resources that were put into maintaining its DMCA system. For example, Rightscorp failed to digitally sign its piracy notices with PGP keys, as is required by RCN’s DMCA policy. As a result of this omission, RCN employees have to make significant adjustments. “This includes expenditures of time and effort that would have been avoided if Rightscorp digitally signed the copyright infringement complaints it sent to RCN, as required by RCN’s DMCA policy,” RCN notes. No Private Investigator’s License The countersuit changes are not just limited to the added costs. RCN also adds a new allegation. According to the filing, Rightscorp doesn’t have a private investigator’s license, even though it acts as one. Tracking alleged pirates without a license violates California and New Jersey law, the Internet provider notes. “Rightscorp’s collection of evidence for use in court proceedings is an unlawful business practice because, on information and belief, Rightscorp and its representatives have been acting as private investigators without a license, in violation of California and New Jersey law. “And on information and belief, the RIAA and Record Labels hired Rightscorp in order to benefit from its unlawful business practices despite knowing that Rightscorp and its representatives are unlicensed.” RCN Wants Costs Covered, and More All in all, the alleged fraudulent notices, the destruction of evidence, and the lack of a private investigator’s license is in violation of the California Business & Professions Code, RCN says. To resolve these issues, the ISP requests an order that requires the RIAA and Rightscorp to comply with its DMCA policy and preserve all underlying evidence. In addition, Rightscorp should obtain the necessary licenses to act as a private investigator in all applicable jurisdictions. Finally, RCN would also like the RIAA and Rightscorp to pay for all its costs, attorney fees, and other expenses related to the alleged wrongdoings. — A copy of RCN’s second amended answer and the updated counterclaims is available here (pdf). Content source: TorrentFreak.
  3. Former Gears IPTV operator OMI IN A HELLCAT is fighting the US Government over the seizure of a fleet of supercars, jewelry, and millions of dollars in cash. The YouTuber has informed a Pennsylvania court that he has committed no crimes and his business activities were entirely legal. As a result, all of his assets should be returned, he argues. OMI IN A HELLCATIn November 2019, dozens of FBI and IRS agents shut down a pirate IPTV service operated by YouTuber OMI IN A HELLCAT, real name Bill Omar Carrasquillo. The authorities also seized a huge fleet of supercars, jewelry, and in excess of $5.2m in cash from a personal account. Those assets are now subject to a civil forfeiture process initiated by the United States Government. It’s alleged that Carrasquillo and his business partners operated IPTV services variously branded as Gears, Reloaded, and Gears Reloaded, selling access to television, movies and sports content without authorization or license. “Gears TV and its related entities received tens of millions of dollars in revenue, i.e., proceeds, during the period of time in which the enterprise operated the illegal video content service,” the US Government complaint reads. Ever since the raid, Carrasquillo has insisted that his services operated legally, or at least within a legal gray area. To that end, he’s now asking a US court to return all of the seized assets. Answer to US Government Complaint As far as we’re aware, the US Government has not yet indicted Carrasquillo for copyright infringement, money laundering, and tax evasion offenses. He recently predicted that could be a matter of weeks away but in advance of that, the active YouTuber is continuing to protest his innocence. In an answer to the complaint that aims to seize his assets, Carrasquillo addresses dozens of claims raised by the US Government, mostly insisting that they are “legal conclusions” to which no responsive pleading is required. As a result, he denies most of the key allegations. Addressing more than $5.2m seized from a single personal bank account, in excess of $1.6m seized from various Gears-related accounts, and around 57 vehicles, including several Lamborghinis and a Bentley Continental GT, Carrasquillo says that since no crimes were committed, none of these items should have been seized. He specifically denies committing criminal copyright infringement (17 U.S.C. § 506 or 18 U.S.C. § 2319), including infringement for commercial advantage or private financial gain, the reproduction of one or more copyrighted works worth more than $1,000, and/or the distribution via a computer network of a work being prepared for commercial release. “t is denied that the Defendant Property is subject to forfeiture because it was used, in any manner or part to commit or facilitate the commission of violations of 17 U.S.C. §506 and/or 18 U.S.C. §2319, it is further denied that the Defendant Property is property constituting or derived from proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of the commission of violations of the statutes named,” the answer reads. Carrasquillo’s Denials Continue Addressing a list of allegations that indicate that Carrasquillo was involved in a large pirate IPTV operation that utilized ancillary companies and payment processors to stay in business, the YouTuber either denies in full, denies that the allegations “are true and correct”, or claims insufficient knowledge to form a belief whether they are true or not. This response format continues throughout much of the answer, with the ultimate conclusion that the seized property is not subject to forfeiture because it was not connected to monetary transactions derived from unlawful activity, including breaches of the Copyright Act. “Claimant Carrasquillo respectfully requests that this Court enter a judgment in his favor and against the United States of America with regard to the seized property as set forth herein, returning it to Claimant,” the answer concludes, demanding a trial by jury. Carrasquillo’s answer to the complaint containing the full list of seized items can be found here (pdf). Content source: TorrentFreak.
  4. [hide]Tracker name: TorrentDB Genre: 0DAY / GENERAL Signup URL: Closing date: July 26 Additional information: TorrentDB is a Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / GENERAL./hide]
  5. Dear users. First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to all of you for participating in the life of the tracker. Your activity directly affects the appearance of new distributions on the resource and the maintenance of the viability of the previously downloaded material. I would like to see more participants in the collection topics in the Workshop , Piggy Bank sections , as well as in the "Sound and Translation" forum sections. Many topics need an influx of new participants, I would like to see new faces in training camps more often. Also, do not forget that the tracker is supported, among other things, by the financial support of users. This is a payment for the absence of ads, annoying banners and other things. Take a look at the VIP status topic . Promotional prices are valid until the end of summer. Let me also remind you that we regularly clean up inactive accounts. If you do not plan to visit the resource for a long time, then use the account parking function. The next check of inactive accounts is scheduled for August 1.
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  7. Law enforcement agencies in Portugal have coordinated an operation targeting a pirate IPTV service. In addition to domestic and non-domestic searches, six men and three women were arrested. Various items of computer equipment, bank accounts, cash, and a car were seized. One of the arrested was detained for possession of illegal firearms according to the national crime agency. police portugalEntertainment industry companies, anti-piracy partners and law enforcement groups are continuing their efforts to reduce the availability of pirate IPTV services worldwide. This has now extended to the island of Portugal, where law enforcement agencies have carried out a rare crackdown on a locally significant operation accused of profiting from piracy. Operation Dark Stream According to the Polícia Judiciária (Judicial Police), the National Unit for Combating Cybercrime and Technological Crime (UNC3T) was supported by the Northern and Southern Directorates, Évora Local Criminal Investigation Unit, and the Computer Technology Expertise Unit (UPTI) in a national operation to target illegal streaming. The various agencies link several crimes to the operation including computer-based fraud, illegitimate access, tax fraud, money laundering and criminal association. After carrying out a total of 13 searches – nine domestic and four non-domestic, six men and three women aged between 35 and 55 were arrested, one in connection with the possession of illegal firearms. Equipment and Property Seizures Information provided by the Judicial Police indicates that large volumes of property were seized in the operation, including the contents of six server rooms and other items of computer equipment linked to the operation of the illegal IPTV service. Police agencies also seized bank accounts plus around €8,000.00 in cash and a car. Official authorities have not named the service in question but local reports have identified it as ‘IPTV Do Sogro’ (English: IPTV of the Father-in-Law), which operates from At the time of writing the service’s web portal appears to be functional but whether that is also true for the underlying service remains unclear. Two-Year Investigation According to the authorities, the investigation began in 2019. It has not been revealed which rightsholders filed the initial complaint, However, the damage is estimated to be around half a million euros, with a “telecommunications provider” with broadcasting rights cited as the main victim. The main point of interest was the provision of illegal streams of TV shows to at least several hundred regular subscribers, a figure that is expected to grow as the investigation develops. Local media sources indicate that the service had in excess of 1,000 customers, earning profits of 150,000 euros in the last two years. According to, the illegal distribution of TV content in Portugal breaches several laws including those relating to illegitimate access and defeating technological protection measures. Penalties range from one to five years in prison. Tax fraud and money laundering offenses also carry a potential prison sentence of up to five years. Anti-Piracy Operations Are Relatively Rare in Portugal Portugal is no stranger to the fight against pirate sites and services. The country implemented a ground-breaking ISP blocking scheme in 2015 that is overseen by the government but has no judicial oversight. In 2017, the then-MPAA described the program as the best international example of anti-piracy practices. Since then, reports of anti-piracy operations targeting specific operations have been relatively rare, although the country did play an important role in the March 2021 dismantling of Mobdro, one of the world’s most popular pirate streaming apps. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  8. Every week we take a close look at the most pirated movies on torrent sites. What are pirates downloading? 'Black Widow' tops the chart, followed by ‘Gunpowder Milkshake'. 'The Tomorrow War' completes the top three. black widowThe data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. These torrent download statistics are meant to provide further insight into the piracy trends. All data are gathered from public resources. This week we have two new entries in the list. “Black Widow” is the most downloaded title. The most torrented movies for the week ending on July 19 are: Movie Rank Rank Last Week Movie Name IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrent sites 1 (1) Black Widow 7.0 / trailer 2 (…) Gunpowder Milkshake 5.9 / trailer 3 (2) The Tomorrow War 6.7 / trailer 4 (4) The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard 6.3 / trailer 5 (…) Space Jam: A New Legacy 4.3 / trailer 6 (3) A Quiet Place Part II 7.7 / trailer 7 (7) Cruella 7.5 / trailer 8 (5) The Boss Baby: Family Business 6.0 / trailer 9 (6) Fear Street: Part One – 1994 6.2 / trailer 10 (9) Luca 7.6 / trailer Note: We also publish an updating archive of all the list of weekly most torrented movies lists. Content source: TorrentFreak.
  9. Warning! MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for the finale of Sex/Life! Turn back unless you're ready to disrobe and join the party! Those of us who enjoy watching Netflix (you know, roughly 99.9% of all humans with TV access) are always looking for something new to become obsessed with. Luckily, the streaming giant has more than enough options when it comes to immensely bingeable content, and recent release, Sex/Life, is yet another new show to debut and almost immediately get viewers talking...a lot. The sexually explicit series, which is based on B. B. Easton's book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, has kept people discussing many aspects of the show in the days since its June 25 debut, none the least of which is its somewhat shocking twist ending. So, what happened during the Sex/Life Season 1 ending? We'll break it down for you right here, and talk about what those big surprises might mean for a potential Season 2. sex/life season 1 finale netflix sarah shahi Billie Connelly What Happened At The End Of Sex/Life Season 1? Oh, boy, you guys. Sex/Life Season 1 was an intense roller coaster from minute one until the very end of the finale. Viewers spent basically an entire season wondering whether or not former wild child Billie (member of the Black Adam cast, Sarah Shahi) would dump her now sexual-dud of a husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel) and her life in Connecticut with their two very young kids to head back to New York City, and the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos). To say that Billie waffled when it came to her decision would be the understatement of several years, and she was attempting to make up her mind with full knowledge that Cooper knew all about her obsession with Brad, the sex she had with him, and how unhappy she'd become with her quiet life. After several tries at spicing things up for his wife (including bending Billie over their kitchen island one morning, breaking into a stranger's yard and getting busy in their pool, and attending an increasingly disastrous suburban sex party), Cooper is faced with the aftermath of his behavior at said sex party, where he tried to make Billie have sex in front of everyone. When she refused and finally stepped away, Cooper then allowed his friend Devon's (Jonathan Sadowski) wife, Trina (Amber Goldfarb), to give him a blow job in front of the assembly, as Billie stood by, crying. Billie left the room, and was propositioned by Devon, who became insistent that since their partners were doing sex stuff, they should too. She was rejecting him when Cooper heard what was going on and stepped in, eventually beating Devon so badly that he had to lie about his bruises at work and claim he was mugged to save face. But, Devon also used it as leverage against Cooper to try and force him to support a business deal he wanted approved. Unfortunately, "good guy" Cooper decided to blame all of his mistakes on Billie, saying that she put "darkness" in him by writing about her past with Brad and making Cooper become desperate to live up to her fantasies. Cooper comes clean to his boss, Francesca (Li Jun Li), about beating Devon, and she also puts all the blame on Billie, and takes it as an opportunity to try and make sure she can have Cooper to herself when he gets a divorce, giving him a key to her apartment and noting "you don't ever have to go home again." Cooper decides to have one last conversation with Brad, heading to his apartment to ask whether or not Brad will really be there for Billie and the kids if Cooper walks away from their marriage. Brad tells him that he's already tried to take Billie, and reveals that he just proposed to her, but she said no, and has told him no all along. After Billie and Cooper have a very toxic encounter with Devon, Trina, and the other moms at their son's school event, Cooper tells her that he's lost his chance at the partnership at work because of beating Devon, but says that they have to be completely honest with each other from now on if they're going to make it. And, for a while, it's clear that Cooper and Billie are trying to rebuild their marriage. Billie re-enrolls in the graduate program she dropped out of when she got pregnant, she and Cooper seem to be having increased naked time, and the fact that their somewhat public troubles didn't break them seems to smooth things over with Devon, Trina (less so), and the other moms of the neighborhood. However, when the duo attends a reading for Sasha's (Margaret Odette) book, all her talk of "abandoning your authentic self to fit in" triggers Billie, who then has a vision of Brad standing far off in the audience. Billie appears to shake it off, though, and later she and Cooper go to a school play for their son. As Billie watches, she tells us in voice over that she's happy waking up next to Cooper, but then realizes "it's not enough." Soon, we see Billie running through the streets of New York, as Cooper takes care of the kids at home while tracking Billie's location via her phone, and calling Francesca. As you may have guessed, Billie comes to Brad's apartment and tells him she's not leaving Cooper and "this changes nothing," then orders with a smile, "now fuck me." Fade. To. Black. sex/life billie sarah shahi cooper mike vogel netflix What Might The Sex/Life Ending Mean For The Future? Keeping in mind that there is currently no official announcement for Sex/Life Season 2, know that author B. B. Easton did write follow-up books about her relationships with each of the four men in her original story, so there is more than enough material for a second set of episodes. As for what might happen next with Billie, Cooper, and Brad? Well, we don't get an answer from Brad about Billie's proposition, but he did give her a very naughty smile, so he's probably into the idea of her staying married to Cooper while he acts as her well-endowed man-candy on the side. Honestly, though, I have my doubts about him being cool with not completely controlling Billie's emotional world long-term, because Brad might be hot, but he's also toxic, manipulative, and super shady. Of course, we also don't know if Billie spoke to Cooper about this decision, and Cooper decided to let her have Brad on the side while staying married. He did not seem happy at all when Francesca asked if he was OK, so we have no idea if Billie ran off without saying what she wanted and where she was going, or if Cooper is allowing this just to hold on to their marriage. We also don't know whether or not this opens up an avenue for Cooper to begin a non-work relationship with Francesca, and if that's something that was discussed with Billie before she left to enjoy some time with Brad's, um...not-so-little Brad. All in all, there are a lot of places the narrative could go if there is a Sex/Life Season 2, so we'll just have to wait and see if this popular series gets a sophomore run! In the meantime, see what 2021 summer TV shows you can watch, the Netflix TV premiere dates, and check out all the upcoming romantic TV shows! Content source: CinemaBlend.
  10. One of my favorite parts of Breaking Bad in general is what drives the show – the partnership between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two seemingly completely different people with different goals in their lives, which end in disaster one way or another. But, because of this, their issues are well used for one of the greatest television shows. From a person who has re-watched the show so many times, here are my favorite partner moments between the two, the good to the bad. Walt and Jesse in the first episode of Breaking Bad. When Walter And Jesse Strike Their Deal (Season 1, “Pilot”) I don’t think anyone can deny that this is obviously one of their best Breaking Bad moments. Jesse can’t even believe that his former science teacher would want to work with him to make meth. The moment they agree, it’s the beginning of a tumultuous and insane relationship, from the very first episode. The moment when Jesse says "Yeah, science!" in Breaking Bad. “Yeah, Science!” (Season 1, “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal”) It’s hard to believe that the producers of the show were thinking of killing off Jesse in the first season. I could never imagine Breaking Bad without Jesse’s little exclamations of praise and wonder when Walter would show off some sort of cool science trick – and this was one of the first. A moment that is often talked about as one of Jesse’s best lines in the series. I mean, wouldn’t you be astounded with some of the stuff Walt was able to create? The man was brilliant. Walt and Jesse near the sunset in "4 Days Out" in Breaking Bad. When The Two Work Together To Make A New Battery (Season 2, “4 Days Out”) There’s always been something about this episode of Breaking Bad that made it one of my absolute favorites. The cinematography of the desert paired with the brilliant acting of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, alongside a great story – it hits every note perfectly. However, what really made this one of my favorite moments is their ability to work together. Even though they fight – pretty consistently, too – they still somehow get a battery going so they can get home after making meth out in the middle of nowhere, despite it being incredibly hot and Walt still very much in the throws of his cancer. Sometimes, their brains work well together, and this is one of those moments where that’s on display. Walt watching Jane die in Breaking Bad. When Walt Watches Jesse’s Girlfriend, Jane, Overdose (Season 2, “Phoenix”) But, that doesn’t mean that Walt is a great guy. When Jesse gets into hardcore drugs with his girlfriend, Jane, in Season 2 of Breaking Bad, he starts to become distant from Walt. Walt breaks into Jesse’s home one day because he wouldn’t respond to his calls about their drug money, and finds him and Jane on his bed. There, Walt sees Jane begin to overdose and start to choke on her vomit, but instead of putting her to her side, Walt stands and watches. He knows that if Jane is gone, Jesse will be able to put his focus entirely back into the business again. It’s a dark moment for the two of them, and a serious change in character for Walt. Even watching the scene now still makes me cringe. When Jesse yelled "Yeah, bitch! Magnets!" in Breaking Bad. “Yeah, Bitch! Magnets!” (Season 5, “Live Free Or Die”) I think we need something a little lighter after that moment, and that’s why I picked this great Season 5 instance. Season 5 of Breaking Bad is filled to the brim with serious moments, as it is the final season, wrapping up many stories, but there are a couple of great, funny one-liners – usually from Jesse. At this moment, Jesse, Walt, and Mike, are with a couple of guys they paid to help try to figure out how to get rid of evidence on a laptop from outside a protected evidence room. Jesse has the idea of using a powerful magnet to destroy the hard drive, and they acquire a truck fitted with an industrial electromagnet. When testing it, the laptop they were using goes flying towards the magnet, destroying the hard drive. Jesse throws his hands up in celebration and yells, “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” I mean, Season 5 has some darkness, but no one can deny the joy they feel in their heart seeing Jesse so happy. Jesse and Walt in the episode "Fly" in Breaking Bad. When Jesse and Walt Team Up To Kill A Fly - And Have A Heart-To-Heart (Season 3, “Fly”) A lot of people don’t like “Fly,” but I think it’s one of the best Breaking Bad episodes out there. Walt and Jesse team up to kill a fly in their lab, because Walt believes it will cause cross-contamination. However, after hours and hours of trying, mixed in with some hilarious bits, they have a heart-to-heart about when it would have been the perfect time for Walt to tell his family about what happened. Not only that, but Jesse learns that Walt was actually with Jane’s father the night she died. There’s a lot of information in this seemingly uneventful episode, and it creates a wonderful dialogue between the two that emphasizes their evolving relationship. Jesse aiming his gun at Walt when he confronts him in Breaking Bad. Jesse Confronts Walt About Brock’s Poison (Season 4, “End Times”) Another dark moment in Breaking Bad is when Jesse confronts Walt about how Brock, Andrea’s (Jesse’s former girlfriend) son, was poisoned, believing that he used the ricin-laced cigarette to do so, out of spite. Walter claims that Gus must have planned Brock’s poisoning and framed Walter, knowing that Gus is not above killing children after the death of Andrea’s younger brother. Jesse decides that Walt is innocent – but only later on in the next episode is it revealed that Walt did poison Brock through a Lily of the Valley plant and its berries, and it was all in his plan to rope Jesse into finally killing Gus with him. I’m not going to curse here, but that is some f-ed up stuff, man. Walt when he says "Run" in Breaking Bad. “Run.” (Season 3, “Half Measures”) I know you weren’t the only one who was left speechless at the end of this episode. When Jesse finds out that Gus’ dealers killed Tomas, Andrea’s little brother, after they agreed not to use children anymore, he is enraged and plans to kill them, hiding out in his car until the right moment. As he approaches them with a gun, Walt comes out of nowhere, plows the men down with his car, instantly killing one of them. He gets out and shoots the one who is alive in the head, before turning to Jesse with one word: “Run.” The chills that just ran across my body. It’s my favorite penultimate episode of all of the seasons, just for that ending. Truly amazing. Jesse aiming his gun at Gale in Breaking Bad. When Walt Ordered Jesse To Kill Gale So He Wouldn’t Be Replaced (Season 3, “Full Measures”) The finale of Breaking Bad Season 3 tested the limits of what Jesse would do for Walt, and didn’t disappoint. When Walt realizes that Gus (their boss) only made Gale his partner so that he could replace both Jesse and Walt once he learned the science and killed the two of them, Walt orders Jesse to kill Gale. Those final moments of the episode, with a shaking Jesse holding the gun up to Gale’s head, while Gale pleads for his life are heartbreaking. When that trigger is pulled and the screen cuts to black, you just know that everything is forever going to be changed. Jesse has gone through so much, and now he’s had to kill someone for Walt, something he didn’t even want to do. It’s awful. Walt protecting Jesse on the ground in Breaking Bad. When Walt Saves Jesse (Season 5, “Felina”) As I said before, Season 5 of Breaking Bad is incredible and filled with several amazing moments, but the best between Jesse and Walt in this season is the finale. Jesse, who has been held captive for months, is finally freed when Walt tricks his captors into bringing him out, and then dives down onto the floor with him while activating a machine gun he bought to automatically shoot into the building from his car. Walt then gives the gun to Jesse, asking him to kill him, giving him the choice, even after saving him. Jesse instead notices that Walt has already been shot and says that if he wanted to die, he could do it himself. After all Jesse went through because of Walt, it’s not a surprise that his final words to him were cold. But, the fact that Walt still risked his life to save Jesse and took a fatal blow because of it shows that even after everything, he still wanted Jesse to be free. No one deserves to be a captive, and Walt recognized that. Ugh, I miss the Breaking Bad cast and this show. I have to re-watch it again! Content source: CinemaBlend.