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  1. Arrr, Arrgh, Yarr, Gar! It is that time again. We will have our annual Xmas/NY lottery named "iPT Xmas/NY 2018 Lottery, Your ticket to dream." We would like as many posters as you can come up with. We will rotate them like we did last time. Winners will get a nice prize. Lottery Prizes will be: > Lottery deadline: 5th of January 2018 >>>> Lottery Poster deadline: November 24th as Lottery begins on November 25th.
  2. On the 18th of October i was unexpectedly remanded in custody for a few driving charges, this made me unavailable and unable to run TorrentVault for 4 weeks. Everything is all cleared up now and im back a free man. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.-Avtec
  3. Freeleech All Torrents Free YOU DID IT! Karma has set the torrents FREE! set by badalice Until 20 Nov 2017 (5d 06:48:32 to go)
  4. As we didnt reach our donation goal for August we are offering double the credits for any VIP Donation. We rely on donations to keep our servers online, if you can do, please donate.
  5. This message is primarily for ALL new users. If you got it and it does not apply to you, ignore it.To be a member of HDME you must have read and agreed to follow the sites rules.Pretty simple. If they are not followed you will receive a warning. Three warnings and your outta here.The system can generate reports for us and Hit n Runs is a big problem. A Hit n Run (HnR) is when you download a torrent but do not seed it per the sites rules. All torrents must be seeded for at least 72 hours or until a 1:1 ratio has been reached. This must be done within 6 days. If not, we will be notified.Secondly, dupe accounts with the same IP address are not allowed. Not for your mother or family or friends. We also see these.If you have a problem contact staff by using the contact tab on the top of every page. Some one will respond so be patient.Staff will be screening newer members to make sure they are following the rules. If you are outright abusing the site you may just be banned without notice.Get your acts together and follow the rules.
  6. Freeleech All Torrents Free Karma has set the torrents FREE. set by DRz Until 3 Sep 2017 (5d 22:54:48 to go)
  7. UPDATE7. Searching by genre Now you can search by genres and/or title. keep in mind only torrents with metainfo (imdb/tvmaze url can be search by genre)****In the end ******I advice if you see a bug/ problem/any distress regarding the working of the site don't hesitate to contact me.
  8. Good evening, SceneFZ needs your help to grow the same as before. We want to make an investment and buy three more dedicated seeds. Thus, our torrents will be "alive" for a longer time and speed will be much higher. Unfortunately, the costs are quite high, about 350 euros / month and that is why we need your support. We offer a new offer for those who want to become VIPs Permanent: a donation of 50 €. Receive VIP PERMANENT + 10TB Upload and 127 invitations and you will be exempted from the state at seed and Hit & Run. We currently only accept payments through Paypal, Online Transfer / Bank, Paysafecard. For more details send here a message for the donation link: Thank you, The SceneFZ Team: love:
  9. Site is down for maintenance. Please check back later!
  10. Site-Wide Freeleech is now in progress!
  11. Dear DTians, Help us congratulate Team DRC on their 8th anniversary. [Here] All movie sections on DT are on Freeleech. Grab their releases [Here] DT Staff!!! Freeleech !!! Freeleech !!! Freeleech !!! Freeleech !!!
  12. BiglyBT Torrent Client BiglyBT is a feature filled, open source, ad-free, bittorrent client. Forked in August 2017 from the Azureus open source project created in 2003, BiglyBT continues its development where Azureus left off, and keeps all the features you've loved. If you are already using Azureus or Vuze, you'll have the option to copy and migrate the config settings, downloads, and plugins. Please check the Allowed Clients list for changes and versions allowed. Torrent Freak Article - BiglyBT Download // Staff
  13. Dear TmGians, We are pleased to inform you that all torrents except Malayalam are Freeleech from now onwards. Download won't be counted when you d/l from these sections. We have also set a minimum seeding time of 2 hours for all torrents of all sections. This is to make sure that no one gets to cheat the system. Failure to do so will generate a Hit-N-Run warning and cause problems to your account. Happy Downloading * I request all staffs to take care of this while moderating torrents.Regards TmGHuB Staff
  14. A very big announcement. A new feature that will change this website. 1. New Bonus point systemWhat is this ? As you all know BHD haves a mediocre bonus system 1BP/h if you make traffic. I changed all this and you will know earn points in function of the number of torrents you seed, the size of what you seed, the type of torrents you seed, how many seeders the torrent haves.Check this page: You will find a table of what you can exchange Seed points with: upload, custom title, freeleech, vip, warns, gifts to others. After this you can see the rules(how,when you can get the points).At the end is a table that show a detailed stat of what you seed and how many points you earn.This is a BETA system, please fell free to report any bugs or problems!I urge every user to read carefully the rules of BP points! After 1 week of testing this system I see not only that is working but there are also many users that still seed on BHD great amounts of data and torrents. For this i have to thank every and each user that is contribuiting to BHD! For this I made a special rank page that shows most size seeded, most torrents seeded and most BP/h made. This stats can be found here: special thx for the top10 users: After this day I will reset all BP points to 0 and who haves more than 10 invites to 10. Who have many invites for some reason may be refunded in the BP they spend if they bought that invite with BP. Lost BP will not be refunded.2. Small featuresI added a new tag: The internal tag. On the torrent page you will find: Also encoders+ can upload torrents with encoder tags or edit the torrent adding the encoder tag.Another feature is i added all bitorrents clients you use and if they are connectable.In the userdetails page I added 2 fields Age and website.Added some new stats on the index page. Now you can see the number of users that where online and torrenting!If you have any question or you don't understand something fee free to post here or PM me!I'm asking your personal opinion regarding the Bonus System! It is good/bad, the rates are acceptable? The prices of stuff are acceptable? Will you seed more from now on? Can you seed more ? etc