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  1. [Română] Totul este rezolvat in acest moment, ar trebui sa nu mai fie probleme. Am activat global freeleech ca sa ne revansam pentru downtime-ul pe care l-am suferit. Va multumim pentru intelegere si pentru rabdarea de care ati dat dovada. Toate cele bune, FileList Staff [English] Everything is up and running now, all services should work as intended. We have activated global freeleech as a way of saying sorry for this unpleasant downtime. Thank you for your understanding and for being patient. All the best, FileList Staff
  2. Censored by your country, corporation, or campus? AU & UK members - always stay connected no matter what your government does!!! Use Psiphon, IT'S FREE!!! > Download: Try Psiphon! It's FREE VPN & Protects Your Privacy! Note: Please download the app and keep a backup copy so in the event your government blocks you, you can still get on. Also, please keep the link for our chat in case you need additional help. Always try your smartphone as well. Don't wait months to see if the problem is fixed. It is your government blocking you, not us.
  3. Dear TmGians, On behalf of the whole team, I have the great pleasure to welcome Lucifer to Team TmG We are confident that Lucifer is a great addition to our Team and will fill this position with motivation and eagerness. I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Lucifer on his new well deserved position and I am sure everyone wants to join me to wish him the best. Congrats Lucifer! Best Regards, TmGHuB Team
  4. Hello potential Android developers IPT is in need of an experienced developer to help us with a small project. we require experience with the in-app purchase system on Google play store. If you think you can help us message Microsoft and tell him about your experience and how you can help with this project. Click here to PM Microsoft! Thanks in advance.
  5. Warning : Say No to piracy of Sir Rajnikanth Movie " Kaala" we support kaala movie .We have Zero Tolerance policy for South Movies.
  6. Always add mediainfo to your uploads! Mediainfo data is an invaluable addition to the torrent-specific info area, helping users and staff better determine a torrent's contents/specs. The process of adding mediainfo data is dummyproof and takes about one minute for even the least tech-ish among us to learn (see here) and there are usually friendly people around in the forums and on IRC to help guide you if still need help. It really is as easy as 1. download Mediainfo 2. open Mediainfo 3.drag/drop file 4. Copy/Paste. Take note that Mediainfo is required of all uploads, so do get familiar with it if you haven't already.
  7. All Technical issues fixed even fixed mail system Enjoy
  8. We are under some DDOS Attack but we are sucessfully Mitigating It , So no Need to worry all is up and fine
  9. Hello, We are not accepting all crypto currencies! For the time being to donate in any other currency apart from Bitcoin feel free to drop me a PM so i can provide you with details for the same. We are in process of adding the same info on the Donate page. HKR
  10. Dear DTians, As You Know P2P is All About Sharing and Seeding Back Is What Keeps torrents Alive.Here On DT it is required to Maintain a Ratio of 1:1 Or else you will be kept on ratio watch and Your Leeching Rights will be Disabled.All those Whose Download is Bigger than Upload Pls Be Aware of this and Start Seeding Back ..You can use the Points You Earned to Buy Upload Data. Leechers from Old DT whose Ratio is Below 0.5 have already been disabled ...Remember this is Not old DT where Ratio Wasnt properly Checked..Here we do check Ratio So Pls do Seedback... We are Making it 1:1 and Enabling it for leechers whose Rights have been Disabled..We Wont be Doing this In The Future so Be Careful and Enjoy DT -DT Staff.
  11. Hi There Might Be a Slight Downtime of 1 or 2 Hrs Cause of Backend Work ...Hence if the Site Goes Down..Please wait patiently Until it comes back Thanks Staff
  12. Hi ! We are migrating servers. Be Back in Sometime ;) — Staff
  13. We are performing Some Critical updates we will be up in few hours
  14. Hi Guys A Lot of users are asking how to hide adult torrent...a Seperate settings to hide adult torrents will be added later in ur user cp..for now just tick non adult sections thats it thanks for understanding cheers
  15. Please log out of DT and log back in, if you have issues accessing the chatbox. This is a known issue, and we are working on fixing it. For now, if you close the browser window/shutdown PC/restart etc and try to get back into chat, you WILL have to log out of site and log back in to get to the chatbox. Sorry for the inconvenience..and thanks for understanding.