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  1. pornbits : News

    Global freeleech is currently enabled!
  2. Hon3yHD : News

    Hit and Run rules have change a bit. Take a look to learn about them. Also you should read this too...
  3. Torrentleech : News

    Our 13th Anniversary Lottery is completed! We will announce the winners in a few minutes.
  4. IPT: News

    The Game Has Just Begun! Next Winner will be announced in 41 minutes and 54 seconds Yes, all donations made throughout the draw will be included in the drawing for the remainder of the prizes. You still have a chance to win, so good luck!!! Our Winners (Will be listed here once every 1 hour) 65 DramaDrama 0338 3642 1361 8176 1 Month VIP 66 jfunkyfonk 8102 7652 5282 3089 1 Month VIP 67 ducatist4 3984 2005 5024 4179 1 Month VIP 68 zcradic 7434 7269 5558 6049 1 Month VIP 69 Aerustorl 0052 4844 2268 7139 1 Month VIP 70 Gouldy 1248 5206 4165 7527 1 Month VIP 71 EagleWesman 9427 1680 6447 3250 1 Month VIP 72 jramnes 6357 2268 2200 6913 1 Month VIP 73 Pletchaskech 8272 2208 4671 0043 1 Month VIP 74 Taucher 2944 9070 0090 1302 1 Month VIP 75 gunny1391 8762 8132 5691 4130 1 Month VIP
  5. TV-vault :News

    Don't include junk in your torrents Gentle users, a swift perusal of the forums will reveal that there have been problems reseeding some shows because of extraneous files in the torrents which potential reseeders no longer have. This is unfortunate and, more to the point. unnecessary. We therefore ask (nay, demand) that you leave the annoying junk out of your torrents. What constitutes 'annoying junk', you may ask. Well, to start with… • Screenshots, covers, or other images. There's no need for them to be included inside the torrent; that's what torrent descriptions are for. • 'downloaded from x' files. Fascinating though it is to know that a file came from demonoid or BigAssTorrents, a credit in the torrent description is quite enough. • Thumbnails: .tbn files, thumbs.db, etc. I don't know what they are, but you Windows and "media center" users seem fierce fond of them. • Samples. We don't need another copy of part of one of the episodes. DVD and other extras are more than welcome, of course, though we would prefer they be in a separate torrent, so that people who aren't interested in them don't have to grab them. Subtitles and proper NFOs are also welcome. Now, I know what you're going to say. "With the image sites going down left and right, surely the screenshots are a good thing?" It's a valid point. However, consider this: if an image site goes down, it's easy to fix the description. Even if the uploader doesn't have the screenshots, anyone who's grabbed the show can make new ones and post them in the appropriate thread. If a torrent only has a few snatches, we're relying on a small pool having the entire torrent contents in order to reseed. bittorrent doesn't divide its chunks by file; it does it by size. This means that if you're unable to reseed a text file or jpeg, you're almost certainly going to be unable to reseed all of the episodes to completion; you're going to be missing the first or last chunk once it's finished rehashing. And on that point: are you really saving that much disk space/bandwidth by not downloading the NFO or other files? All you're doing is making the torrent appear unnecessarily in other users' Seeds Wanted list, making it less likely that others will be believe a reseed is necessary when someone else genuinely wants a download. It also means that, should it be removed from your client, you'll be unable to reseed even the episodes for reasons mentioned above. To summarize, then: don't include screenshots and other junk in your torrent. And please download the whole torrent if at all possible.
  6. Hon3yHD : News

    You can buy VIP membership through Bitcoin Donation/Contribution. 134BGArkrAhrPp7kEedjabkusoPEZcbPtk 3 Months VIP Membership 40$ 6 Months VIP Membership 60$ 1 Year VIP Membership 100$*Note :: No [Hit.&.Run] & Ratio Rules will apply on VIP members.[starting 15 NOV 2017]
  7. Hon3yHD : News

    After many deliberations the new Hit And Run will ONLY check torrents that stopped seeding after 12AM server time. (36mins ago it started at the time of this post). The rules are the same: 1. You need to seed 3 days any torrent you are downloading. OR 2. Make 1:1 ratio per torrent. This IS NOT the global ratio. This is the torrent ratio. If you download 1GB torrent you need to seed back 1GB for that torrent.If you want to have immunity get VIP status. If you have problems with the two rules just use your Seeding Points and remove the warning yourself. You can do this accesing the COMPLETED TORRENTS section from you OWN user page. You can get there if you click your username anywhere on the site. There you will find the section and inside the section you will find at the very last column on the right a little thing called ZAP. ZAP will remove the warning from that torrent. ZAP will cost you 1000 Seeding Points per torrent.Anyone who will send PMs to the staff regarding this means he didn't read the information posted above AND/OR future forum topics and will get disabled!p.s The warning limit was raised to 10 but in the future you will get account disabled and NOT download disabled. SO BEWARE!
  8. Tmg : News

    Hi,In the light of some recent events, we have decided to make the rules strict and clear and it's in your best interest to follow these without failure.Click here to viewNote:- New users: Sign in once again with same username and password to access forum.RegardstH Staff
  9. SceneFz : News

    Christmas tree is much more than tradition, it is an essential part of the Christmas holiday! For many of us, the tree decoration has turned from tradition into passion. Thus, with a little skill, but also dedication, can come out a real work of art. This year shows everyone how beautiful your tree is! Details and competition rules: - Between December 21st and December 31st, 2017, we expect a photo, personal property with Christmas tree, to which you attach a sheet that writes scenefz + username and then attach the picture in this topic. - Forbidden comments like "brad nasol" / "poor fir" / "why do you put pictures with that tree, do not you see what he looks like?" and so on People who make such comments are banned permanently. - Images will be uploaded to with direct link. - Winners will be selected through a staff poll; The awards include: - 1st Place: VIP Legend (Permanent) + 2 TB Upload + Donor Star. - 2nd place: VIP (Permanent) + 1 TB Upload + Donor Star. - 3rd Place: VIP (96 weeks) + 500 GB Upload + Donor Star.
  10. Tmg : News

    Hi All, First of all, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members who have donated so far. We are also sad to announce that we are still short of payments for the year 2017-18 which is due to be paid in November '18 I believe tH is the one and only exclusive torrent site online for Malayalam movies without ads or junks. If you found TmGhUB is worth or helpful for you then support us for the existence of the site. There is no such min amount or max amount restrictions. Donations are always the amount possible by you. Don't think that I can share only this much? that wont help. Even if it is a single penny its valuable for us. 200 euros by a singe person will be difficult. It will be okay by 10 person, more easier with 20 persons .. by 40 persons it will become much smaller portion to each members. So, I hope more members will come up seriously and consider this donation request. Once Again, a special thanks to all the members who already supported us in different manner and expecting the same in future. Paypal ID : Skrill ID : Best Regards TmGHub Staff
  11. Hdme : news

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  12. IPT: News

    Now we are accepting all Cryptocurrencies!
  13. Horrorcharnel : news

    Freeleech All Torrents Free Karma has set the torrents free set by Crianza Until 21 Dec 2017 (4d 16:28:22 to go)
  14. Scenetime :News

  15. Bit-hdtv : News

    At this moment, we have encountered some networking issues. Please bear with us, as we are trying to solve them. Thank you!