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  1. JioTorrent : News

    All Technical issues fixed even fixed mail system Enjoy
  2. JioTorrent : News

    We are under some DDOS Attack but we are sucessfully Mitigating It , So no Need to worry all is up and fine
  3. Hdme : news

    Hello, We are not accepting all crypto currencies! For the time being to donate in any other currency apart from Bitcoin feel free to drop me a PM so i can provide you with details for the same. We are in process of adding the same info on the Donate page. HKR
  4. Desitorrents : News

    Dear DTians, As You Know P2P is All About Sharing and Seeding Back Is What Keeps torrents Alive.Here On DT it is required to Maintain a Ratio of 1:1 Or else you will be kept on ratio watch and Your Leeching Rights will be Disabled.All those Whose Download is Bigger than Upload Pls Be Aware of this and Start Seeding Back ..You can use the Points You Earned to Buy Upload Data. Leechers from Old DT whose Ratio is Below 0.5 have already been disabled ...Remember this is Not old DT where Ratio Wasnt properly Checked..Here we do check Ratio So Pls do Seedback... We are Making it 1:1 and Enabling it for leechers whose Rights have been Disabled..We Wont be Doing this In The Future so Be Careful and Enjoy DT -DT Staff.
  5. Desitorrents : News

    Hi There Might Be a Slight Downtime of 1 or 2 Hrs Cause of Backend Work ...Hence if the Site Goes Down..Please wait patiently Until it comes back Thanks Staff
  6. Desitorrents : News

    Hi ! We are migrating servers. Be Back in Sometime ;) — Staff
  7. JioTorrent : News

    We are performing Some Critical updates we will be up in few hours
  8. Desitorrents : News

    Hi Guys A Lot of users are asking how to hide adult torrent...a Seperate settings to hide adult torrents will be added later in ur user cp..for now just tick non adult sections thats it thanks for understanding cheers
  9. Desitorrents: News

    Please log out of DT and log back in, if you have issues accessing the chatbox. This is a known issue, and we are working on fixing it. For now, if you close the browser window/shutdown PC/restart etc and try to get back into chat, you WILL have to log out of site and log back in to get to the chatbox. Sorry for the inconvenience..and thanks for understanding.
  10. JioTorrent : News

    JioTorrents is looking for Uploaders & Rippers if u Wanna earn $$$ Contact Jio For That..
  11. DesiTorrents: News

    The Whole Site is Freeleech from Feb 24th to may 24th Enjoy Downloading No Fear DT Is here
  12. IPT: News

    We recommend qBittorrent. Click here to download.
  13. Hdme : news

    Hello All,As you all already know this site runs only because of you guys! Its the members content and the donations that help keep it up & running. With that being said its been several months since we have received a single donation and it makes its very hard for me to keep the site going.With monthly bills piling up i request all members to kindly help out whatever possible! Thank YouHKR
  14. JioTorrent : News

    We are performing Some Critical updates we will be up in few hours
  15. Desitorrents : News

    A Loyal And Caring Relationship Does not need to speak out Loud, A Soft but Lovely Gratitude is enough to express the Heartiest of Feelings. The Amount of Loyalty, Love and Care You all Have Shown Towards Our Home, DT will forever be remembered and cherished in the annals of its history. We at DT wish you a colorful and joyous Holi, May the color of happiness fill your Path and Journey With you throughout Your Lifetime. Happy Holi!