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  1. Hi Coolworld, sorry for just replying right now. I have sent you a PM (Private Message) about this issue, hoping to hear from you soon so we can get in touch with the project, it sounds interesting Regards, Hyp3rion.
  2. Tracker Name: Rockman's House Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: New site, uploaders doing their best but just a general website with great friends and social talk besides just the uploads
  3. sorry for late reply, been studying as one sick F*** this week.. but thanks! Will keep that in mind whenever i get the opportunity to get that much money to actually go online somehow Thumbs up from me! And thanks again!
  4. My small "Freelance Team" is working 24/7 with customer around the globe to ensure their safety against hackers, and other harmful stuff in website relation. We have a great way of working 24/7, since our (my) team is located around the globe with different time-zones: Thailand, Brazil, Gran Canaria, Denmark, Sweeden, Deutch (Germany), India, USA:LA, Africa, China and at last russia. We see us self as "Artists", which also means we take pride in each individual customer and think about their needs! We keep them orientated about the website as we code it day by day over phone,email,skype, even WhatsApp if needed. We see us self as "All Doing People" since we have alot of years behind our back! We work the same way all of us because we have a special designed & coded website (framework / CMS) ready to go with ALL customers! Which gives us a good advantage in almost any way since our system is coded so tight so even the last error on a page, and this will be reported to the administrator (website owner) as a hacking attempt! We have many sources and many different ways of coding a website to each individual! We can setup servers, hardwares, softwares etc if needed, even install pre-made CMS systems for customers like webshops, forum CMS Systems out there and other stuff if it's needed. If you think we are an interesting team to maybe get to know better and about our work, don't hesitate to ask for more information & prices! We consult for free and decide prices online for each individual users! We (i) hope this have waken your interest! Thanks for reading! Mr H