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  1. Hi have a Karagarga Invite for anyone willing to trade a TV Vault please message.
  2. Wow. you may already know me from such films.... but seriously I am interested in one of these here Invite Thinge me do bobs TV Vault Please and Thanks
  3. True Crime Doctor Who (both New and Old Versions) Adventure Time (does a Cartoon count) Venture Brothers (cause I have a lot of them)
  4. Halfway through a very strange older film called Tales of Hoffman from the 1950's. Its a technicolour mix of opera and ballet about this Hoffman fellow who seems to have the worst choice in potential mates. the first story has him falling in love with a mechanical doll which gets busted on him and the second story he falls for the whiles of an Venician witch who is out to steal his reflection. Haven't finished watching it yet but I don't think he gets the girl in the end.
  5. its slow paced, thoughtful and pretty much lacking in action but Night on the Galactic Railroad
  6. Roger Corman definately belongs on this list. The guy was a miracle worker on zero budget and no time. Seriously drag out some of those vincent price classics. (in the worst case they'll cure your insomnia.) The Raven is cheeky technicolor piece that has not only Vince Price but also Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff as rival wizards and has a fun little duel (given the SFX available at the time) but more seriously I'm stuck between Kubrick,Miyazaki, Kurosawa, Peter Greenaway...oh I give up.
  7. Here are 5 that leap to mind. Kaiba Very different anime style than the norm (almost Bakshi like) A good take on a transhuman society so far gone from as to appear magical... end is a bit weak compared to the rest of the series. Last Exile. SteamSkypunk. Good All around adventure from start to finish, with great ariel combat scenes (kind of like Miyazaki). You really get to like all the characters. (the sequal series is a bit weak though) Mushishi. Clever alterntive world where a fifth (sixth?) kindgom of life exist alongside the ones we know. Slow paced and episodic, but it works for this series. Shiki Probably the best Vampire Anime I've seen. Based on a rather long horror novel by someone like Japan's Stephen Kings. It has a sort of realistic look on what a vampire attack on a community might look like to those with a scientific mindset. The twist in the last quarter is nasty and distrubing. The Tatami Galaxy One of the time loop (groundhog day) style of anime, but unlike a lot of anime based around university (as opposed to high school age) characters. Every episode is very funny based around the main character failing in completely new ways as he tries different University clubs.