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  1. he gets chiiiiiillls theyre multiplyin and he's looooosing controllll /singing
  2. nexus 5 thinking about whether i need to go to the nexus 6 yes i said need...
  3. the walrus in the movie Tusk *nods*
  4. 10/10 direct and to the point... we know why youre here haha
  5. nyehhh i dunno, pretty generic stuff there thanks for the info though!
  6. go get a HP N54L ive got one and its GREAT!!
  7. good tips dude thanks a few new ones in there!
  8. probably Windex or Spray'N'Wipe for me
  9. 5.0 was a disappointment for me on my nexus 5 BUT 5.0.1 was released today which has bug fixes for most of the gripes, get onto it
  10. ughhh who cares about that no good one dimensional chick... someone post that pic of her doing a 1000 faces but theyre all actually the same pic
  11. OOOOH! Predestination!! totally mindf(*&^d me