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  1. @MclarenP1 Pedros got same quality and its much easier to join
  2. CosaNostra

    1 x TVChaosUK

    @drag0n Great tracker from UK i whould love to apply I use seedboxes for seeding
  3. Greatttt giveaway from yoy !! I whould like to apply for invite. I am using two big seedboxes . Pm me for any extra information.
  4. Hi allWe thought we should let you know that there has been and will be some big changes on yello. we are updating the cinema and tv room constantly for all the latest movies and tv shows, this means you dont even have to download them. just click play and watch. wether its your fav tv show or movie or just to check the quality before you do download it. We hope to see more of you using them and let us know what you would like added if its not there. We also have 10 yes thats 10 radio's.. 7 of which are on 24/7 the other 3 are manual for our great DJ's. We have quizzes and competitions too with prizes including free VIP. There has also been some big changes to staff and we would like to take this oppertunity to thank each and everyone of them old and new for all the hard work to bring us to where we are. The site is moving rapidly forward and we are currently looking for staff experienced or not to give even just a couple of hours per ! day. If you have a couple of hours spare and would like to learn then please let us know. All training will be given at a time to suit you and on top you will learn valuable experience.
  5. There will be some downtime this week, it may be 10 minutes, it may be a whole day or more. When this downtime will occur is unknown as of now. Just a heads up so you guys are aware
  6. The following rule has been added since we've tightened the security for our members. Please read it and understand that we take our members' security very seriously. Please report any member that breaks this rule or any other serious violation of our site structure, rules or security. It may be you that is infringed upon next, and we believe that you'd appreciate someone having your back, so please be sure you have theirs as well. rule amendment wrote: Do Not mention the uploader by name in the torrent comments or forums. All of our posters have anonymity and it's up to them how much they want to be known. - Show some respect for the privacy we provide our uploaders. If you have access to this information, then keep it to yourself. You'll only be warned once! Thank you.. -On Behalf of the Bitsoup Staff-
  7. i WHOUld love to apply. I am uploader at ebook trackers so aaaarg whould be a good source for me . I use seedbox Rep and thanks added
  8. As you may have noticed, we recently had some unplanned downtime, the result of minor technical problems and unfortunate timing. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and unbearable sadness this may have caused our members. STP is back up and running just as before. In the next few days we will be making some announcements regarding the events that we have planned for the near future, and about the long term changes that we are excited to discuss with the community. You can help by spreading the word and by posting your thoughts in this thread. Check back often as we will be announcing some events very soon.
  9. We have changed site to Version 4, the announce has changed so please re-download torrent to continue seeding, search in dead torrents as well to find.
  10. February Masters of the Month Film: Cinema of North Korea And as usual, all English subtitles created specifically for this MoM will receive double the system bonus for the duration of this MoM. For more info see the MoM page.
  11. Added Some Features. We have added Some Great features for all members. Features are as follows: 1. For Uploading a new torrent u will be awarded with 100 seedbonux points. 2. For making a shout u will earn 5 Seedbonus points . 3. For Commenting on a torrent u will earn 10 Seedbonus points. 4. For making a post in forum u will earn 15 seedbonus points. 5. V.I.P Rank is now available for just 100000 seedbonus points. 6. Custom Title for 3000 seedbonus points. 7. 1 invites will cost u - 1000 seedbonus points 3 invites will cost u - 2000 seedbonus points 5 invites will cost u - 3000 seedbonus points 8. 10 GiB will cost u - 2000 seedbonus points 50 GiB will cost u - 6000 seedbonus points 10 GiB will cost u - 10000 seedbonus points Hope all get this features and will enjoy it on site.
  12. Sorry dupe please delete !
  13. Move away from Hotmail If you use hotmail as registered e-mail at this site, you will need to change it to a non-hotmail one. Hotmail is blocking us so if you lose your password we cannot send you a new one and you will be locked out. Of course if you do not use hotmail you can ignore this (if you have trouble changing it, send a PM to staff and they will help you)