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  1. From everyone here on PtN we would like to thank all you guys who have downloaded and uploaded movies over the past month to recover alot of the torrents we sadly lost, You have done an amazing job in getting us back up there. The competitions are now closed and the gold has been issued to the users who posted in the forums and corsair given to the winners Winners #1 tekcat013 #2 Hannibal #3 tintin2096 Thank you everyone
  2. Translation: The second nCore contest ended Dear Users! Yesterday, at midnight, the second turn of the nCore contest, where the eBook category was in focus, has ended. In the contest, 218 users have participated and added almost 8500 books to the category in total. We would like to thank the participating users, we hope you enjoyed it! Prizes will be handed out soon.
  3. Small update to the rules - 2015-01-22 11:17:46 Our rules have been updated to add: - Asking for invites to any site is not allowed anywhere on KG. Invites may be offered on this forum thread and nowhere else. (For all users.)
  4. Sorry for that, it seems that the img site auto-resized it :/ anyway, I fixed it, thx for the rep points!
  5. Tracker name: HDME Tracker url: Tracker type: HD Sign-up: closed (invite only) Tracker speed: 7/10 Tracker content: 8/10 (Has over 13k torrents of which 2k are internal encodes which have nice quality) Bonus System: On IRC Idle Bonus: Yes Login screen: Stats: Homepage: News: Browse: Internals: Uploads: Announcements: (and like a thousand more Donations Reminder so I cut it short) Forums: Requests: Donation page: Subtitles: Contact page: Bonus page: FAQ: IRC: Log: RSS: Rules: Stats v2: TOP 10:
  6. 2015-01-17 - Sziasztok! SSL (HTTPS) be lett kapcsolva az oldalon. Egyelőre tesztüzem. -------------------------------------------------------- Hello there! SSL (HTTPS) has been enabled on the site. Still testing it.
  7. CN 3rd Birthday It's that time again, CN is celebrating it's 3rd Birthday. The previous year saw a lot of us staffers go inactive, for various reasons, all unavoidable. However thats all behind us now, and most of us are back on board & with some new wiseguys to boot. What better way to celebrate than to use CN's birthday as an Anyways, FREELEECH and DOUBLE UPLOAD is enabled, enjoy it while it lasts! There is also a free for all competition in the Mafia Hall of Fame, don't miss out on entering a very simple competition! Please go check out the competition here CN Birthday Comp Happy Birthday CN
  8. We Need You Guys Hey guys we need your help as you are aware we have lost alot of movies when the site went down. So we are going to run some competitions to try and get us back up to the movie glory we once had, all you need to do is either upload a movie or download it Post the movies you have uploaded here Post the movies you have downloaded here If you want to discuss about the competitions post here Thank you everyone we missed you when we were down hope you all had a merry Christmas and a awesome new year
  9. Hey Bogar, I would like to apply for the TranceTraffic invite, in case it is still available! I'm a great fan of trance muisic and I follow some artists on Youtube too, but.. quality is not the same I guess. Anyway, it would be great to have an invite to that site. Merry Christmas to you!
  10. The company behind the Oscar-winning Dallas Buyers Club is spreading its anti-piracy tentacles. After testing out the United States, Voltage Pictures is sending out cash demands in Europe. The company's lawfirm says that letter recipients "are happy to be made aware" they're acting illegally and are handing over the cash. For years lawyers for movie outfit Voltage Pictures have been writing to U.S. based Internet users demanding cash for alleged copyright infringements. Judging from its legal persistence the company has probably made some decent profits while doing so. Earlier this year Voltage began filing lawsuits against alleged downloaders of its hit movie Dallas Buyers Club. In common with all similar actions the end game is not a full trial but cash settlements from worried Internet account holders. But while there are millions of torrent users in the U.S., Voltage and its partners are now venturing overseas. According to Danish news site Berlingske, the Dallas Buyers Club piracy-into-profit model is now operating in Europe. In a letter obtained by the publication after being sent to an alleged Dallas Buyers Club downloader, veteran anti-piracy lawfirm Maqs demands a cash payment of around $250 to make a supposed lawsuit disappear. The lawfirm increases its chances of a ‘hit’ by writing to the ISP account holder but noting that payment should be made “if you, or someone in your household†acknowledges having downloaded or shared the movie. “We know that in a particular household is a computer where this [piracy] has occurred from. That is why we have been asked to contact these people by the film company,†Clausen said. In further comments the lawyer acknowledges that the Internet account holder may not be the infringer and that it could’ve been a child, neighbor, or other third-party, but whether targets will understand the implications of this remains to be seen. These days chasing down individual file-sharers is almost unheard of in Denmark, so it’s unclear whether targets of Voltage and its Danish partners will be aware of when they’re liable and when they not. Unsurprisingly the early signs indicate that some people are simply paying up. “Some [letter recipients] are happy to be made aware that they have done something illegal. They have recognized this, paid us, and learned their lesson. It is positive and also the response that we have hoped for,†Clausen says. As is common in these cases, some letter recipients have told the lawfirm that they have open wifi that could’ve been used by anyone. Some claim they don’t even have a computer. Responses from others are more predictable. “A few have responded aggressively and negatively to the letter, and several have not responded at all,†Clausen adds. But for all groups, there is a deadline. Maqs informs its targets that if no payment is made in 15 days, it may “be necessary to institute legal proceedingsâ€. Given past experience it seems unlikely that will transpire but Maqs says that all options remain open. “It is a choice by the rights owner, whether one wants to go to court with this later,†Clausen concludes. It comes as no surprise that Denmark has been introduced to so-called mass BitTorrent lawsuits and if predictions hold out, expect many more European countries to become similar targets in 2015. ------------------------------ Source: Torrentfreak ------------------------------