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  1. very giveaway my friends! i would like to apply for this awsome giveaway because some of my torrent's connection is bad(country problem),I really want to fixed it,and I also want to find a way to access more fast speed then make my account better! i would really appreciate it thanks ! Rep+thanks added
  2. hi! I would like to apply it! like and reped!
  3. HI my friend! I saw your awesome GA, and I want to apply EXIGO music! I have enough ability to competent at this site! I am the person who they will look for! maybe or BroadcasThe.Net?
  4. Very Awesome Giveaway @oculte I would like to apply for Tehconnection Thanks & Rep Added! I'M A TAIWANESE! i'll make your invite better! Any ratio proof or seedbox, pls ask me!
  5. I have OVH with 500GB space, how about you guys?
  6. Rock,electronic,and soft rock is my favorite. But I don't like hard metal,though.