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  1. Depends on what kind of movies you want. Most people vote PTP because HD new releases is their choice, and I'm just jealous I don't have a PTP account.
  2. I have a Dell Inspiron for personal use and a Lenovo Thinkpad for work.
  3. Ronaldinho He is the reason I am now a football fan
  4. I have the Nexus 5
  5. Banned for living in my mind and doesn't pay rent
  6. I heard a rumour that, if you have great stats on SDBits, you can get invited to HDBits. Is it true? (I think not )
  7. Nice review. Note that they implemented a bonus system, but, for now, it is in beta version. (You can accumulate points, but you cannot redeem them)
  8. I'm looking for a AHD invite for more than a year. Tracker Signup Link : Closed/Invite Only | VIP'S Does this mean that only VIP's have invites?