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  1. Tor is pretty secure the de-anonymization of sites was not caused by degredation of tor but specific Denial of service attacks and networking trickery on a complex large scale. This issue effects no users of tor just physical locations of a few sites who are unlucky enough to warrant large ressource and monetary exspense operations by multi-lateral international judicial attacks and it will be resolved soon im confident. also they sized 27 websites not 400 the original reporting of this story was largely misleading and as a propoganda piece the FBI tried gaining some competency in the public's eyes.
  2. jsssh

    Open: Demonoid | General

    sucks that they are down again :/ they aways seem to dissapear and ressurect down the road
  3. jsssh

    Open: The1st.be | General

    what language is this site in?? defintely not english or spanish
  4. jsssh

    Open: Shellife.eu | Music

    its a decent tracker i hear, any idea how many torrents and members?