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  1. Looking for Scene access invite for a Revtt invite No Pm,s keep it in public chat please
  2. Things like this make me wish for a coma until the release date, will watch it from my hospital bed whilst recovering lol
  3. Mmmm flashbacks give the option to bring back any number of the main characters killed off eh. Maybe a return for a Sean Bean cameo he has been good in Legends
  4. was a suprisingly good movie bring on the sequels or sure
  5. Suprised I have not heard about this one thanx for the heads up cannot wait 2015 is goina rock !
  6. He was a good hulk but Avengers needed new blood, was not aware he turned down the offer though
  7. Holy crap did not even know this trailer was out there, I enjoyed that watch soo much and soo many new superheroes added it would seem. Didnt see anything of "Ant Man" in there though i thought he was being featured in this and his own movie ? As to Caps shield being broken in half, that was clearly a fake purchased from Ebay or summit LOL Amazing trailer thankyou
  8. Voted for speilberg but only because John Woo wasnt included in the vote, best action movies ever
  9. What the ? I cant vote lol I have never used any of them
  10. John Wayne ! Nothing better than a good western