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  1. both these new machines are rather expensive and time consuming.. I still enjoy mobile gaming with short stints while waiting for my lady or in between work meetings.. also more interaction with other players all over the world.. I have cahtted with brits, israel.. americans, indonesians... etc,, about the game and their lifestyles.. something I wont be doing much on these consoles.. in addition, they are much cheaper.. just buying some in game upgrades and no monthly subscriptions to pay..
  2. will this be available on android phones.. I have seen some sony games like final fantasy and can I connect my s5 to a PS4.. or do I need to buy the sony phone to play ?
  3. I play for about 2 hours a day on my samsung s5 playing the game clash of lords.. rather competitive and really need to work to keep my position within the community.. at the moment my guild the black heart is at position no. 6 overall..and visiting the chatroom can pick up tips to improve my game..