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  1. Hi, I have an old (1.5 year old) Thor's land account with 14GB buffer. In exchange I want account/invite to BitME or other good e-learning trackers. Please send your offer via PM. Thanks
  2. Thank you! Guys, I don't want to buy an invite so please don't PM with such offers.
  3. Gladiator, without a doubt.
  4. thanks for this... I didn't know till now about TOR browser.
  5. Anybody knows what happened to Docspedia? Is it gonna be back or gone for good.... I really liked this tracker, it had tons of learning material with great community.
  6. Hi, I am studying medicine and would like to get in to bitme to get some stuff/books. I have the following (I don't mind giving more than one thing): Thor's land ( buffered and old account (22GB credit, account created several years ago). 2 invites - TL 2 invites - TD - I can provide a buffered account (with more than 1TB of buffer) 2 invites - IPT FL buffered and old account I want a Bitme invite/account in exchange. BTW, I used to have an account on this forum but for some reason the account got deleted (maybe becuase I was inactive for some time). I used to have a very good reputation and feedback scores. The current account was created yesterday so it doesn't show the actual scores. Of course we can make the deal through a middleman. Thanks, Poao