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  1. Dear users! There are two types of fake UHD Blu-ray releases that exist and ‘kill’ the faith and confidence in 4k: 1) Upscaled Blu-ray coded by x265 with questionable config and overall quality. Converted in BT2020 and plays off as HDR - presented as a true capture of UHD Blu-ray made by low-end adapters. 2) Upscaled Blu-ray with laid over intensive sharpness and `sand` - sells off as various HDCP Rips. Sometimes cropped frames of UHD Blu-ray may differentiate from mastering of normal Blu-ray disk. In this case that provides a 100% genuineness proof of third-party captures. Conclusion. We’re not going to prove anyone anything, though kindly reminding to avoid dozens of similar questions. Here are our plans: 1) We plan to start making the releases of UHD Blu-ray using the most advanced hardware with native support of HDR. The format of releases is going to be: HEVC-10bit-HDR. 2) We’re planning to start capturing movies that have not being announced to be released in hard copy with our HDD Samsung Video Pack. The format of releases is going to be: AVC-8bit-noHDR. The very same format is going to be used in many other releases with HDR as a source. 3) The releases will be supplied with a minimum of English, Ukrainian/Russian audio tracks as they will be considered temporary ones and will be replaced in a future. Note, that in a following 1-2 years we all are going to be challenged with a choice of playback device for UHD, as there are literally no good external 4k players and internal ones do not support multiple audio tracks in .mkv. For user’s convenience the 4k video streams are going to be synchronized and align with standard Blu-ray/Remux/Encode videos that will give a possibility for everyone to download any collector’s edition release from a HDCLUB tracker and use one of its audio tracks. Administration
  2. Torrent uploading guide. The guide to uploading a torrent to KG has been restored. Here is the forum link.
  3. We have changed the name of our site to redacted (RED). We will no longer be using PTH or PassTheHeadphones. will now redirect to Additionally, our IRC has changed from to We are making this change to create a new 'brand identity' for our young, developing tracker. This largely comes after staff continued to notice users felt we were considered a sister-site for PTP, even though we are completely unrelated. To distance ourselves from PTP's 'brand' we opted for a name change. '' was chosen by staff after a round of voting. Hopefully, you share similar feelings: this will be a unique name we can build ourselves upon. In addition to the name change, we would like to introduce our new mascot, Scratch! Currently, Scratch does not have a face to match his name, but we will be working on him soon! Please be sure to note and adjust your bookmarks to the new URL and IRC server. (RED) staff
  4. bump...................................
  5. have: Sceneaccess acc 2.5 Tb upload, class: scene legend torrentleech acc templatep2p acc sdbits acc want: Aged Facebook account.................PM me........if u hv an offer.