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  1. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is the only movie in the list that lived up to (or even exceeded) its hype. Great acting,great storyline,great direction,awesome special fx etc....this movie scores on a number of levels. I'd have gone for Captain America: The Winter Soldier if DOTPOTA wasn't in the list. P.S: I'd include Gone Girl & The Grand Budapest Hotel in the list too...
  2. HDWinG进一步å‡çº§~ 站点将于近两日完æˆç•Œé¢çš„å‡çº§å·¥ä½œã€‚届时å¯èƒ½å‡ºçŽ°çŸ­æš‚çš„ç½‘é¡µæ— æ³•è®¿é—®ï¼Œå°½æƒ…è°…è§£ã€‚ æˆ‘ä»¬æ·±çŸ¥é™ªä¼´ä¼šå‘˜æ— æ•°å²æœˆçš„旧版界é¢åœ¨å¤§å®¶å¿ƒä¸­æœ‰å¾ˆé«˜çš„地ä½ï¼Œä½†ç½‘ç«™å‡ ç»ä¿®æ”¹ï¼Œç•Œé¢çš„整体度大为下é™ã€‚ 管ç†ç»„终下决心,彻底更改界é¢ã€‚我们也知众å£éš¾è°ƒï¼Œä½†å°½åŠ›åšåˆ°æœ€å¥½ã€‚ 本次界é¢ç”±æŸç¥žç§˜äººå£«å…¨åŠ›è®¾è®¡ï¼Œå¥ˆä½•æŠ€æœ¯äººå‘˜æ—¶é—´æœ‰é™ï¼Œæ–°ç‰ˆè‚¯å®šå­˜åœ¨ä¸å®Œå–„的地方。 网站å‡çº§åŽï¼Œè¯·å°†bug集中åæ˜ åœ¨æ­¤è´´ç‚¹æˆ‘ã€‚æˆ‘ä»¬ä¼šå°½å¿«ä¿®æ­£ã€‚ 感谢大家地厚爱。HDWinG会ä¸æ–­åŠªåŠ›ï¼Œåšå¾—更好。 HDWinG管ç†ç»„ Our new interface is coming. This notice is just to inform you that the site might be not available in short time to visit during these two days. Looking for this brand new UI! HDWinG Staff
  3. "TorrentBytes - BSNL ISP" Not banned,as far as I know.
  4. Since the assessment is turned on, the server pressure doubled, resulting Tracker red species, statistics is not normal, you can not access the Web site and other issues, for which we express our deep regret, to give you cause a lot of confusion and inconvenience place. Website is now open CDN acceleration services in some areas have been refreshed, please help observe the effect. If you have a better suggestion, can go to the community "suggestions Complaints" section tells us posted. We are actively expanding server hardware liaison, while the code and database structure we have also spared no effort to optimization. We hope that the members can understand, support and tolerance. Development under the circumstances, we will make the appropriate measures to compensate. Note: The actual amount of the assessment to upload upload cumulative value does not include income redeem flow like; integral to actually do kind of get, not acquired by other means to examine the data in the calculation.
  5. Developers & Designers Needed - posted 5 hours and 43 mins ago We currently have a few positions open for developers and designers to come and join the team here at AHD. What you will be doing is working on fixing outstanding bugs in the current codebase, implementing the next version of AHD and possibly some other stuff that we haven't thought of yet. Developers Essential Requirements: Solid knowledge of PHP and SQL Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript Desirable Requirements: Experience with gazelle Experience with LESS Previous activity and dedication to the site (whether posting, IRC, uploading etc.) Designers Essential Requirements: Strong design skills Ability to create good looking images Solid Knowledge of CSS Desirable Requirements Experience with LESS Experience with Javascript Experience with grunt If you're interested and think you've got what it takes, send an application via pm to jrsdead. Here is a template to get you started: Write some info about yourself here and then join , and why you should be given the role Experience: - List all your programming experience and ability. - List Graphic Design ability Cool feature ideas: Write about a couple of things you might want to implement on the site Other projects of note: - Some things that you made that show your capabilities e.g. a website you created
  6. Houston, We Have A (2nd) Problem As most of you read on the frontpage in the last few days, we've been dealing with a number of issues regarding donations. First off: Over the last couple of months we've been seeing a decline in the amount of donations we've been receiving. Although we understand that not everybody can or wants to donate, these donations are crucial to keep our site running as it is. Without those donations we cannot keep the level of service we've been offering you. Some of the services that are in danger of disappearing if we don't get enough donations are: - Scene feed: We get a constant influx of fresh torrents from the warez scene. Without this, all uploads will have to come from our users, which means we would not be able to immediately offer you the latest torrents. - Upload seedbox: These fresh torrents are being uploaded by a powerful seedbox with a high speed connection. If we lose this box, the scene feed is useless and the site will not upload any torrents. - Retention seedbox: A second box is used to keep torrents alive for a longer time. Due to harddisk restrictions our main upload box cannot hold torrents for a long time. This second box does this instead. There are other services that would be lost if we cannot pay for them anymore, but you get the point. We need those donations to make sure we keep these services running. To make sure there are no service interruptions, we will need to fill the donation meter to 100% as soon as possible. Second: After our message on the frontpage, we received a large number of donations already. Unfortunately, PayPal decided to permanently limit the account after they somehow found out that the shirt-shop was connected to PreToMe. We refunded as many donations as possible, and we hope those that got refunded will re-donate with the new payment system. Because PayPal is no longer an option, we decided to go with a creditcard processing system called With this system, users can directly pay to the shirt-shop with their creditcard. Creditcard details are not saved on our servers, only the last 4 digits of your creditcard number. With this new system, it is however required that you enter your actual billing address. Without a valid billing address, the payment will be declined. If you are not comfortable giving your real address, there is ofcourse always the option to use bitcoin to make donations. So, in short, the shirt-shop is back up and running, and we hope that those that got refunded will donate again using the new system. Please, help us keep our level of service up to par. Thank you, //PTM Staff
  7. Chers HDFrench-Zoniens, Depuis 2 ans, ou presque, nous vous parlons d'une V2 pour notre tracker. Les aléas du site actuel, de nos vies IRL également et d'autres événements nous ont fait prendre quelques retards. Malheureusement, les retards de la V2 se cumulent depuis des mois avec les bogues de la version actuelle. L'Equipe a toujours fait son maximum pour maintenir HDFrench-Zone en état de fonctionnement, en allant parfois jusqu'à désactiver purement et simplement des fonctionnalités. Devant l'ampleur du travail restant à accomplir afin de produire une V2 opérationnelle et les bogues de plus en plus contraignants ici, nos retards de plus en plus fréquents et longs, au contact de certains administrateurs de trackers rencontrant eux aussi diverses problématiques, en cohérence avec notre vision à long terme du P2P francophone dédié à l'univers de la Haute Définition, GRyan et moi avons pris il y a quelques mois 2 décisions majeures. La première, non des plus aisées, fut d'acter de mettre un terme définitif au projet HDFrench-Zone initié il y a maintenant près de 6 ans. Nous vous annonçons par conséquent la fermeture définitive du site et la destruction de sa base de données le 31/12/2014. La seconde, bien plus réjouissante, a été de nous focaliser sur notre conception de l'avenir du P2P HDfr. Au gré de nos évolutions dans le monde du torrent depuis des années nous avons hélas pu constater que les trackers spécialisés dans le contenu Haute Définition francophone se font rares. Encore plus maintenant. Nous avons également tous conscience que créer X trackers avec les mêmes objectifs revient à diviser les sources (peers) et les ressources (dons) tout comme le Savoir. Ayant enfin eu vent des différents déboires de certains confrères nous sommes allés à leur rencontre pour partager ce qui précède et faire un point sur nos visions, nos valeurs et nos compétences. Très concrètement GRyan & moi nous sommes rapprochés cet été de Lecortex, ex administrateur du tracker Oxygen-HD, et de Cronos, administrateur du trackerHD-Dream. De notre rencontre sont nées une complicité et une envie certaine de se lancer dans une nouvelle Aventure commune smile.gif Nous avons le plaisir et la fierté de vous annoncer la naissance de dont la BETA ouvre ce jour ! HD-O, de son petit nom, prend la relève de nos 3 trackers et n'est pas une continuité de l'un d'entre-eux mais bien un nouveau départ. Pour tout le monde. Chacun d'entre-vous pourra y être invité, s'il le souhaite, dans les semaines qui viennent. HD-O est basé sur Gazelle ce qui nous assure une base pleinement évolutive sur la durée. Nous avons créé un tracker dédié au contenu vidéo HD francophone de qualité, reposant sur des valeurs de partage et de convivialité avec une touche de simplicité et de modernité. Son accès est pour l'instant réservé à une poignée de BETA testeurs, déjà sélectionnés sur nos différents trackers. Vous serez ensuite invités à nous rejoindre afin de prendre part à cette nouvelle Aventure ! Translate Dear HDFrench-zones', For 2 years or so, we're talking about a V2 for our tracker. The vagaries of the current site, our lives also IRL and other events have made us some delays. Unfortunately, delays V2 accumulate for months with bugs in the current version. The team has always done its best to maintain HDFrench-Zone in working condition, sometimes up to simply disable features. Given the scope of work remains to be done to produce an operational V2 and bugs more restrictive here, our delays more frequent and longer in contact with certain directors of trackers also meeting various issues, consistent with our long-term vision of the French P2P dedicated to the world of High definition Gryan and I ate there a few months two major decisions. The first, not easier, was to enact put a definitive end to HDFrench-Zone project initiated there is now almost 6 years. Therefore we announce the permanent closure of the site and destruction of its database 31/12/2014. The second, much more pleasing was to focus on our vision for the future of P2P HDfr. According to our developments in the world of torrent years we have unfortunately seen that specialize in High Definition content francophone trackers are rare. Even more now. We are also all aware that create X trackers with the same objectives amounts to dividing the sources (peers) and resources (grants) as Knowledge. Having finally got wind of the various setbacks of some colleagues we went to meet them to share the above and make a point about our visions, our values ​​and skills. Concretely Gryan & I are close Lecortex this summer, ex-director of the tracker Oxygen HD, and Cronos, administrator tracker HD-Dream. We met were born a certain complicity and desire to embark on a new joint Adventure smile.gif We are pleased and proud to announce the birth of whose BETA opens today! HD-O, his first name, takes over our 3 trackers and is not a continuation of one of them but a new beginning. For everyone. Each of you will be invited, if they wish, in the coming weeks. HD-O is based on Gazelle which gives us a fully scalable base over time. We have created a dedicated tracker francophone HD video content quality, based on the values ​​of sharing and conviviality with a touch of simplicity and modernity. Access is now restricted to a handful of BETA testers already selected our various trackers. You will then be invited to join us to take part in this new adventure!
  8. Great review...I'd have given them a full 10/10 on pre-times,though! Anyway,well done...
  9. Tracker's Name: GFXNews Genre: Misc Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon Additional information: Temporarily re-opened for signups!
  10. Update: Local Thai media reports that “U.S. movie companies†hired a lawfirm to track down Neij. It’s also been revealed that in addition to having a house on the island of Phuket, Neij had five million baht ($153,000) in a local bank account. Update 2: Video just in: Update: 3: A video has appeared on The Pirate Bay which appears to instruct people not to talk to the police.
  11. A majority of the Dutch Parliament has backed a proposal to target online piracy through warning popups on "pirate" sites. The warnings should inform Internet users that they're breaking the law, while pointing out what the legal alternatives are. The opposition characterizes the plan as "stupid" and notes there are better ways to deal with the issue. ​ In common with many other countries around the world, downloading music and movies is hugely popular in the Netherlands. Up to a third of the population is estimated to download copyrighted content without paying for it. Until a few months ago the Netherlands was a relative safe haven for these “pirates†as downloading and copying movies and music for personal use was not punishable by law. In exchange for this “legalization†rightsholders were compensated through a “piracy levy†on writable media and hard drives. However, this changed after a recent verdictof the European Court of Justice. Since then, not much has changed. Copyright holders haven’t indicated that they want to target individual downloaders, and the authorities haven’t either. However, a new proposal put forward in the Dutch Parliament could change this inaction, with the suggestion that potential pirates should be warned via popup browser notifications. The idea comes from the VVD and PvdA, which holds a majority in the current Parliament. While the exact details still have to be worked out, the parties want visitors of torrent sites and other download portals to receive a popup warning telling them that they are breaking the law. Jeroen van Wijngaarden, Member of Parliament for the VVD, told NOS that the warnings should also refer people to legal content. “It should also state that there’s a legal alternative, to which the user should then be referred,†he says. Van Wijngaarden explains that these popups, which will presumably have to be implemented by local Internet providers, will increase the chance that people choose legal alternatives over pirate sites. The plan will be discussed in the Dutch Parliament tomorrow where there is bound to be strong opposition. Kees Verhoeven, Member of Parliament for D66, characterizes the popup proposal as “stupid†as it would require ISPs to become the Internet police. Instead of popups, the entertainment industries should fight piracy by increasing the availability of legal content, he believes. “It’s a stupid plan and shows a lack of knowledge of how people use the Internet and how they download. You don’t reduce illegal downloads with pop-ups, but with more legal supply,†Verhoeven says. Local Internet providers have yet to respond to the proposal, but considering thefierce opposition against the Pirate Bay blockade, it’s expected that they won’t be too keen on monitoring users’ “pirate site†visits.
  12. Four hundred police officers raided 121 homes today in a crackdown on the popular linking site The homes are believed to be connected to active uploaders of the site but no arrests have been made. The website itself switched to a new provider but remains online. ​ Last week news broke that police in Germany had carried out raids looking for the operators of, a manhunt that’s still ongoing. The police actions are part of a large investigation into the local piracy scene in Germany which are today followed by one of the largest anti-piracy raids in history, involving the link forum Police headquartered in Cologne have just announced that they carried out raids on 121 homes across the country. The police are gathering evidence on the operators of the popular linking forum and many of the raided homes are connected to active contributers to the site. The police raids involved around 400 police officers who seized numerous computers, hard drives and other storage media. No arrests have been made thus far but some suspects have reportedly been willing to cooperate. According to the authorities the suspects have shared a considerable number of movies, music albums, software and e-books via various cyberlockers and over a long period of time. These files were shared among an estimated 2.7 million users and the uploaders reportedly earned referral commissions of up to several thousand euros per month through various cyberlockers. The raids are the result of a criminal complaint filed by German anti-piracy outfit GVU.According to GVU, is offering more than 100,000 files without permission from rightsholders, including 61,776 movies and 13,560 TV-shows. Most of the evidence the police acted on was provided to the police by GVU, who say that is a highly structured operation with a clear division of labor. Despite the massive police force that was used in today’s raids and those of last week, both and remain online. The alleged operators of the sites are still on the run.
  13. Pirate Bay founder Fredrik Neij has been arrested in Asia. Neij had moved to Laos to avoid the jail sentence handed down for his involvement in The Pirate Bay. But, after driving across the border from Laos into Thailand more than two dozen times, the Swede was arrested yesterday by Thai border police executing an Interpol warrant. Following the criminal convictions of Pirate Bay founders Peter Sunde, Gottfrid Svartholm and Fredrik Neij, each went their separate ways. With Sunde in Europe and Svartholm then living in Cambodia, Neij moved to Asia to be with his Lao wife and their children. As documented in the movie TPB:AFK, Neij and his family settled in Laos after getting married in a local ceremony. The country is one of the world’s few remaining communist states and is one of east Asia’s poorest countries with poor communications infrastructure and lacking healthcare system. As a result, on several occasions the family has crossed the border into Thailand. That has proven problematic in the past, especially when the Swedish Embassy in Bangkokrevoked Neij’s passport in 2012. Yesterday, however, things took a turn for the worse when police at the border in Nong Khai, a city in North-East Thailand, arrested Neij as he tried to drive across the border. Early this morning Nong Khai Immigration police held a press conference to announce Neji’s arrest, parading him in front of the media flanked by several officers. Thai border police had executed an Interpol arrest warrant similar to the one issued against Peter Sunde before his arrest in Sweden. According to Thai authorities, Neij and his wife had crossed the border an estimated 27 times before finally being caught. If their press conference is anything to go by, Thai authorities appear to be making a big thing of Neij’s arrest. While trumpeting the alleged damages the Pirate Bay founders have caused the entertainment industries, Thai authorities used the arrest as a photo opportunity, posing for the camera and in some cases even smiling aside a bewildered-looking Neij. The 36-year-old’s arrest completes the full set, with all Pirate Bay founders now in custody. Gottfrid Svartholm, whose story is particularly well known, had moved to Cambodia. He was extradited back to Sweden in 2012 to face not only his original sentence, but two major hacking trials, one on home soil and the other in Denmark. He was found guilty in the latter last week and is now serving a three-and-a-half year sentence. Peter Sunde is also in custody, having been captured on May 31, 2014 on a farm in Skåne, Sweden. The former Pirate Bay spokesman’s time in prison has also beeneventful, but is very close to coming to an end. Breaking news story, will be updated