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  1. First of all Thanks for this awesome GA +Rep and Like added Would Like to apply for PTP I'm very aware of this fact that this tracker is hard to get in and they have closed Invitations as well Still Applying for this tracker as i need it for HD-content Will give ratio-proofs of other trackers if demanded Thank you once again
  2. Thanks for the Review Thanks and +Rep added Hoping to be a part of this tracker soon
  3. Dear users, since things have been a bit slow recently, here's something fresh: Site updates We are still working on them. Enough said. When you see the final result you will understand why this work took so much time. Stay tuned. You cannot rush perfection! Real life has been heavy on us this year and hence the delays. Bonus invites Cold days and murky weather arrived. Drink heavier to cheer yourself up; why not? In the meantime have a few bonus invites. Users get 1, Seniors 2, Uploading classes 3. They will expire after 2 weeks. Remember, award invitations to responsible people whom you know and trust. Donation bonuses (lasting 15 Oct - 5 Nov Ti) Now 2x for equal or more than 50 EUR and 3x for equal or more than 100 EUR. Help yourself and help us in the process. We received several PMs regarding this, so there you have it. Enjoy. Staff changes One mod quit, another changed his rank. Real life is eating all of our time, sadly. We will be looking into hiring a new mod. Perhaps if you have been with us long enough and uploaded a lot, why not volunteer? We just might take you. That's it. Next freeleech is scheduled for the site reaching 70,000 torrents. / Staff
  4. Wishing the site A Very Happy Birthday Feeling great to be a part of this celebration
  5. Thanks for the update Rorimer Love their encodes