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  2. Luni 03 noiembrie, site-ul va fi offline timp de câteva ore până când se va efectua o întreținere completă. Deci nu intrati in panică Translate Monday 3rd november, the site will be offline for several hours until will be performed a complete maintenance. So, do not panic
  3. Houston We Have a Problem Over the last few months we've noticed that donations have been dwindling. Of course we can not expect everyone to donate on a regular basis. However with the amount of donations coming in at this point, we can no longer maintain the standard of service you've gotten used to over the years. If we can not keep the donations coming in, we will be forced to scale down the services we provide. Please help us keep this site running as it stands today, without having to cut back on services. Our service providers have graciously allowed a week on credit, to get the money together. (That means we need to not only reach 100% donations but also a tiny bit extra so we can pay back the extra week we have been given.) For this reason we ask the community of both old school users and newly joined, Click here for donation info help us reach our target of 100% by Friday 7th 5 days 19h 54m 34s Without 100% These services are due for the chop: Scene Source Release feeds ( all the new TV/Movies/Games etc seconds after release) Torrent creation and release server(makes the torrent and gets it out on the network ) (provides 500mbit to swarm for 2 days) Torrent retention server(helps seed all torrents for up to 6 days at 400mbit to the swarm) FrontEnd Proxy Server( allows us to keep all your user data away from any public facing areas and crosses international boarders) Giving us a total saving 80% of all required donations The end effect would be a single combine IRC + FrontEnd + BackEnd server into one hardware limited server, with no support for new scene releases, we would be entirely dependent on user uploads and user upload speed.
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