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  1. To be honest, I've not watched that closely. I've just sftp'd a 1GB file from the server getting about 7.3 MB/s. I've uploaded about 14GB to in the past 6 hrs, but it's been on and off as peers come and go. I went onto The results were 100Mbps down, but only 31Mbps up, which is less than I saw in my own download. EDIT: I've asked the question in the beta chat to see what the expected speeds are off these boxes. Not sure if we'll be on new boxes when we move from beta to production.
  2. I've used a couple of different seedboxes that they have on this site. The Deluge client works really well, especially being able to use a remote client. There support has been very prompt, and my upload speeds have been very good. I have recently been testing a beta version version of the product that some less technical users may like. It comes with a large number of application available to auto install straight out of the box. Plex Sickbeard SABNZB Flexget VNC Deluge etc. They are currently finalising prices, but the entry level for this new box when it comes out in October will have 1TB storage and 2TB upload pm for around 18 Euros. They have some nice scripts to for doing downloaded files into the correct directory for Plex. Anyway, if you are fully hands on and prefer a dedicated box where you do your own installs and management etc, this may not be for you. But if you have a requirement for a media and downloading server out of the box, then you should give these guys a try.
  3. I know this is an old post, but noticed that there hadn't been a reply. I'm interested in this tracker if you still have an invite. Just moving over from usenet at the moment, but have a seedbox and good ratio on two other trackers already.