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  1. Hey, I have bitHUmen,, Waffles invite and I'm looking for a buffered CHDBits acc or some direct download site where I can get HD content at fast speed
  2. Nice tracker with a huge -and well seeded- archive, speeds are amazing. One of my favourite trackers!
  3. Nice review! One of the fastest trackers I've seen so far. Though HD material gets dead only weeks after their release
  4. Great tracker, with all that custom mafia stuff. Download options are great too to get cash. A real unique tracker with perfect quality internal encodes. Keeping the ratio is not hard because it is Free Leech quite frequently
  5. Nice speeds and number of torrents, but a bit dumb Staff. I specified my internet connection info in my profile, then months later payed for a 1 Gbit seedbox to make a nice Buff. Some days later they banned me a message with "Your cheating speed was 2X MB/s, you are banned!".. without even asking me for a proof.
  6. Popular and rare but for me, speeds were horrible. I literally let my account there to die.
  7. Title says it all. I [Want] CHDBits invite or acc, I [Have], Waffles, TL, and bH invite for it. PM me if you're interested! EDIT: SCC invite is gone