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  1. Can i have all the invites? LOL just kidding mate rep and thanks added of course and you know it, good GA
  2. Seeing that his last activity was on august 13 i think this GA won't have a winner
  3. Nice GA !! Can i have Both? just kidding mate i don't apply, but i hope you find good user for this awesome GA. Rep and thans Added !
  4. Politics has change The winner of RevTT will be announce Today at Night ! Keep Applying Mates !!
  5. Well the winner don't apply but you know very well @Inviter account is yours ! i will send you PM soon mate Thread can be Closed !!
  6. As i don't find a well deserved winner for TT, i will make a new GA for it. As you know TT is a very good tracker, with that buffer is not easy to get it, so i hope on the new GA a lot of users applying, and mates remember... we need help to keep this comunity alive, your donations are very important to us ! You will get a lot of benefits and more chances to win accounts like this Thread can be closed !
  7. You are the winner of tranceroute Mate ! I will give you details on PM soon !
  8. Hi mates ! Since we reached the goal of IS with 200 of 200 this month me and inviter talk to make greats and big GA's for the users who are helping this place and of course also for every user of the forum. Unfortunately we had some troubles to complete this. However we don't stop just for a few things on the way. For that reason i bring a new GA to IS of a hihg level tracker and i hope you like it 1 X RevolutionTT Buffered Account (The buffer is not too much but it helps you the first day you get there) The rules are simple: - Apply just here and don't PM me - Give me rep and thanks if you think i deserve it - Tell me good reasons why you want RevTT and i will consider you - Users with seedox or VPS have more chance (Since RvTT is hard to mantain ratio) - And of course Donors are always welcome I will give this acocunt very fast, maybe in 10 or 15 days so hurry up applying I hope you like this new GA Good luck my friends !
  9. On sunday 31st I wil give away this account... i'm waiting for more applicants but seems like they don't know this trackers ! Come on Buddies Last chance to apply until 31st so i hope more users come here for this accounts !
  10. Come on guys, we need more applicants for this awesome GA, not all the days we see Giveaways of PlanetQ, as inviter said Don't be shy !!
  11. Good GA mate, i don't apply, i don't like porn, Rep and thanks added and be careful with who you chosse as winner, Ask inviter or me before send the invite to keep your account safe Good luck