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  1. Ebooks on RNS - RainbowNation Sharing - excellent source for books .... Url - Enjoy !!!
  2. RainbowNation Sharing - RNS - E-Books Tracker - 2012 Tracker URL: User Sign up : OPEN SIGNUP Tracker Type: Mostly Books... there is quite a bit of other stuff like Games and Apps, but this is mostly uploaded by request, Ratio-based. Tracker Birthday : September 2012 Tracker Description: RNS is an excellent source especially for the latest and newest books, and they actually care about suggestions for new content. Speeds and pre-times are very good ( new books are up very fast ) and very good use is made of seedboxes, site has a dedicated 1gb/s box. A good and responsive chat (shoutbox) makes a nice addition, users are actively encouraged to use it for community building. Logo Chat / Shout Details / Home / News Tracker Stats Torrent Categories / Browse Page Freeleech Torrents over 2 GB are ALWAYS Freeleech, and open events are held regularly on certain categories too. Forums Rules Userclasses/Promotion Bonus System Invite System Invites are purchased with Bonus points and can be used at any time, any quantity. Ratings & Personal Commentary The staff on site is very experienced and capable, friendly and always willing to listen to suggestions for improvement or new content. Most of the content is seeded from seedboxes, so speeds are generally quite good, ALL e-books are seeded from the site seedbox. Movie and Music is very decent, and site is expanding into more languages as well, Afrikaans is the first of a planned expansion, German will be next, followed by Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian. They also really listen to suggestions for series inclusion and make a real effort at obtaining good content. The bonus system is not at all hard, and users with a slow home connection will comfortably survive. This site could definitely benefit from an influx of new users, especially ones willing to upload, and people who like an active chatroom will find that they will be right at home. The site was originally started because friends and family had problems getting their TV and Movie fixes... and since things have gone extremely well, the owners have decided to open it up, but for a limited time/user amount only... Users will most probably be limited at around 5000 for the open signups, and after that it WILL be strictly by invite only... Open day(s) will be held, as unused accounts get deleted, to keep a constant flow of active users on site. They are very seriously looking for German / Portuguese members right now, as Torrent Editors in those languages have to be appointed BEFORE they can expand into those language categories.