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  1. have PTP account+mail. only in USA, if not, most likely IP ban.
  2. i have two....battlefield earth. terrible! decent book, but the movie was laughable! the 2nd movie would have to be...."joe vs the volcano" tom hanks is a great actor.....but he made a mistake doin this movie.
  3. the accused has a history of doing things like this.....he kissed will smith on the red carpet.....smith was none to happy and gave him a little back hand to the face.
  4. my first game was something on the atari 2600......first modern online game....COD4, still the best COD of them all.
  5. horror, horror, and more horror.....need to move on from the zombies though
  6. of thrones, vikings, cosmos, and suits
  7. lord of the rings trilogy, and kings "it"
  8. i would go with poltergeist
  9. have a PTP account.......looking only for BIB invite NO longer need to do this trade. thanks eddie Please close thread.