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  1. Hi Kyle


    Still have WIHD invite for sell


    Thank you

  2. kyle

    What football team do you support?

    I support chelsea
  3. kyle

    What is your favorite sport and why?

    football , I don't know why
  4. kyle

    WWE: Who is your favorite wrestler?

    batista the animal
  5. kyle

    Who is your favourite football player?

    cristiano ronaldo & zidan
  6. kyle

    What are the most wanted invites pixelhd
  7. kyle

    Who is your favourite Super Hero?

    invisible man
  8. kyle

    What is your best private tracker?

    iptorrent blackcats hdtorrent freshon
  9. kyle

    What phone do you have?

    sony xperia z1 compact it's awsome
  10. kyle

    What is Your Favorite Book?

    surely . it's harry potter trilogy
  11. Excellent review. this tracker is my dream
  12. you are awsome bro , perfect review go on
  13. kyle

    Requested Tracker Review Topic

    I wanna , please
  14. is torrent damage still a live or not ??