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    nice giveaway @+drag0n i would like to apply for TVStore inv, for personal use thank you.
  2. 1. The SSL certificate has been updated, accessing should not give out errors anymore. 2. Another change to categories: We have listened to the user feedback and please note we have changed the following categories: TV/x264-HD TV/x264-SD Movies/x264-HD Movies/x264-SD These are now: TV/HD TV/SD Movies/HD Movies/SD For those using auto download we apologize for the added change so close to the last change but hope this simplification will be more amicable to all users. Many thanks, /Staff Discuss it here
  3. Hello there. Again there are two things that we have to announce. The first one is that new group is starting with us. The group is called "Boss" and will provide us full retail bluray. From now on all Boss realeases are going be internal and freeleech! The second thing is that at August 1st HD-Space will have a birthday, so there will be few things... tongue.gif HD-Space is always looking for encoders and remuxers to become our internals, so we can provide to our great commutiny something unique. If you want to become our internal, please contact the staff via PM or Helpdesk. Last thing. Dont forget to support us,because we really need your help. Yeah, we have a problems with paypal,but still you can donate with them. We have a backup account, so if you want to donate, write us in the helpdesk and we will give you future instructions. Thank you for your time and for staying with us! Truly yours, HD-Space Staff
  4. Together with our partners from SeedMyBox we thought we bring you a contest. Since we now have script H & R is your chance to do something good points seeding this seedbox. therefore competition consists story short (maximum 200 words) of the most funny / humorous stories from your life. rules: 1. Google friend not involved in all this because we will find what you posted and you will be disqualified and will receive and warn. 2. Your story does not contain swearing, obscene or defamatory words against someone. Prizes: 1st A seedbox for 30 days from SeedMyBox + 6 months VIP 2nd A seedbox for 30 days from SeedMyBox + 3 months VIP 3rd VIP 1 month + 5 + 1000 SP invitations luck!
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    Tracker's Name: bitGAMER Genre: Games Sign-up Link: Additional Information : Great private tracker for all the games.
  6. Open Registrations After careful consideration and feedback from our recent poll, we have decided to open registrations to all. We believe that this will help our torrents and peer swarms on the bG, and while we know certain "leechers" will register, staff will be making sure they are dealt with very quickly. If you see new members breaking the rules in any way, please use our report system. We want bitGAMER to grow and we want to welcome back former members, but we also know some will not be able to gain an invite without an open registration phase. This isn't forever and any opinions/suggestions are welcome using the thread below: //bG Staff
  7. Kim Dotcom's emerging music service Baboom is inviting would-be investors to grab a piece of what should be an intriguing startup. Speaking with TorrentFreak the senior advisor handling the offer says that not only is it tracking "exceptionally well" but the company is being "overwhelmed" with support from the global indie music industry. It’s been under development for more than two years and in just a few months Kim Dotcom’s Baboom should be ready to launch. In the meantime the company has been outlining its vision for a listing on the Australian stock market. Baboom’s 41-page prospectus invites investors to take a share in a company aiming to provide a special service to both artists and users. While allowing the former to pick up an industry-beating 90% of the spoils, the latter will have the opportunity to listen to music for free, a combination that Baboom hopes will prove a tempting mix to potential investors. The company is issuing 11,250,000 shares at AUS $0.40 each, with the aim of securing “sophisticated or professional investors†able to pump in a minimum of $20,000 each. The target is AUS $4.5 million and according to Ben Yeo, senior adviser at Melbourne-based Novus Capital, the company is well on the way. Speaking with TorrentFreak, Yeo says there has been a large amount of interest from not only within Australia and New Zealand, but also from Europe and Asia. “While the offer has only been marketed to a select number of sophisticated investors, the offer is tracking incredibly well and we have extended the offering for an additional week so as [baboom CEO] Grant Edmundson can present to a number of potential cornerstone investors in Australia who have requested an in-person meeting with the Baboom Ltd CEO,†Yeo explains. The prospectus describes Baboom as a “cloud streaming and download serviceâ€, with users able to store their music library for retrieval anywhere in the world on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s estimated that users will get between 10 and 15 albums for free each year in the ad-supported model while their “locker†will max out at 50 gigabytes. It’s probably no coincidence that this limit is the same as that offered by Dotcom’s, with the prospectus citing links between Baboom and Mega as a “competitive advantageâ€. Not everything will be centralized, however. Baboom says it will also offer “unique user ‘peer2peer’ content streaming†features, with a “jukebox†listed as an example use. As previously reported, Baboom will also offer industry-leading audio quality via its FLAC streaming service and will integrate a worldwide ticketing and merchandising solution. Also of interest to investors is Baboom’s target markets. The company says it will focus on under-serviced regions with high growth potential to include South East Asia, Australasia, Southern and East Africa and Europe. Like Spotify before it, one of Baboom’s key aims is target markets with piracy problems. The company says it will deploy “robust marketing†in order to provide a legitimate music streaming and downloading platform in these regions. But while Spotify has achieved its success with the full support of the major labels, it’s impossible to see a situation in which Warner, Universal and Sony warm to the idea of dealing with a company affiliated with Kim Dotcom. That reality is certainly not lost on the management of Baboom, who detail the company’s market strategy as focusing on “independent labels, producer archives and unpublished material.†And according to Novus Capital’s Ben Yeo, things couldn’t be going any better on that front. “What Grant and I have been overwhelmed with is the level of support we have been receiving from the global independent music industry who have thrown their support behind Baboom and are eager to show their support by uploading content onto the platform,†Yeo told TF. On any platform of this type, content is definitely king, so potential investors will be encouraged that Baboom is receiving good support as it prepares for takeoff. The prospectus envisions a fourth quarter release for the service, but according to Yeo there is much work to be done. “By the time the offer closes I envisage the company to be in a strong position to develop its backend systems, mobile platform and content acquisition prior to the platform’s hard launch either late December 2014 or January 2015,†Yeo concludes. The early signs suggest that at least in its early days Baboom is unlikely to prompt a mass migration away from services such as Spotify. However, its unique way of remunerating artists could prove very tempting, particularly when played out against a backdrop of traditional middle-men struggling to remain both profitable and relevant in a changing market.
  8. Footage from the brand new and yet-to-air series of Doctor Who has leaked onto the Internet. Clearly unfinished, the heavily watermarked video carries markers which suggests that the copy was destined for a subtitling company in Brazil. Leaks of material not yet available to the public are always a curiosity online. Anything pre-release can generate excitement, particularly so if the item offers a unique window into the usually hidden production process. Back in 2009 the movie Wolverine appeared on the Internet in advance of its official release. The copy was unfinished and provided a version of the film to downloaders that would have otherwise remained hidden forever. Now that same dubious status has fallen to Doctor Who. After appearing online over the weekend, what claims to be episode one of the new series of the hit show was uploaded to The Pirate Bay today. The 1.49Gb file is marked as a “pre air screeneer†with a claimed running time of one hour and 16 mins. While leaks of TV shows are much more rare than movie leaks, this copy is particularly unusual. Clearly unfinished, the video is both heavily watermarked and monochrome. Marcelo Camargo is the owner of Marc Drei Productions, a Brazil-based production company known for its subtitling work. There is no suggestion that Camargo or his company is responsible for the leak. This is the second serious breach in a matter of days to hit Doctor Who and the BBC. Just last week scripts from the new series leaked online after inadvertently being made available to the public by a BBC Worldwide office in the U.S. It seems likely that this video comes from the same source.
  9. Congratulations to Germany ! on winning the world cup ! (See.... Used spoiler tags this time ) To celebrate then end of the world cup which has been enjoyed by all we have decided once again to open the doors for a short period of time. We understand that it's not a popular move by some but at the same time we understand the need to grow our numbers. Not by much, which is why open sign ups shall remain for a short period of time and not be a regular occurrence. We would also like to thank everyone that took part in the Fantasy League ! We hope it was enjoyable, it was certainly more popular than I expected ! Thanks also to the staff that put their time into setting it up and getting it running. All prizes will be handed out over the coming days, with a return to our regular site layout alongside a few little changes and additions which we hope you will enjoy. Discuss it here
  10. Tracker's Name: Black-Crows Genre: General Sign-up Link: Additional information: Hungarian Private Tracker for Movies / General
  11. GitHub has just removed the repositories of several popular Popcorn Time applications. The action was taken in response to a takedown request sent by the MPAA. Whether this will do anything to stop people from using the "Netflix for pirates" has yet to be seen. popcorncensorThe Popcorn Time phenomenon is one of the biggest piracy stories of the year thus far. The software became an instant hit by offering BitTorrent-powered streaming in an easy to use Netflix-style interface. Needless to say this has been a thorn in the side for Hollywood. Today the MPAA decided to deploy countermeasures by filing requests with development platform GitHub to take down several Popcorn Time related repositories. “We are writing to notify you of, and request your assistance in addressing the extensive copyright infringement of motion pictures and television shows that is occurring by virtue of the operation and further development of the GitHub projects Popcorn Time, and Time4Popcorn,†the MPAA writes in its takedown notice. GitHub swiftly complied and starting a few hours ago the repositories were absent from the website, leaving the following note. In its takedown notice the MPAA specifically targets the “popcorn-official†and the “time4popcorn†projects, but it also urges GitHub to remove all related forks. “By this notification, we are asking for your immediate assistance in stopping your users’ unauthorized activity. Specifically, we request that you remove or disable access to the infringing Projects’ repositories and all related forks,†MPAA writes. Interestingly, the MPAA doesn’t mention the original Popcorn Time repository, which remains intact. To prove the infringing nature of Popcorn Time the takedown notice was accompanied by several screenshots of the user interface, as well as several pirated copies of Hollywood movies playing. While the takedown notices may hinder the development of the software, at least temporarily, the websites of the forks remain online. This means that the applications themselves are still available for download. Earlier this week the team behind the Time4Popcorn fork informed us that they have gathered millions of users over the past several months, and that the application is being downloaded tens of thousands of times per day. Whether the MPAA also has plans to target the Popcorn Time fork websites remains to be seen.
  12. Credit-related changes in the notification Attendance system rewards have been adjusted rewards including integration and props. Where the integration by the reference points + randomized composition, the number of days of continuous attendance as a reference point criteria were randomly divided see RP. Props get to see RP. Special Note: Continuous sign-up to a certain number of days, there will be special incentives; high-level users will have a greater chance to get props. Registration in the system continues to optimize the sound. Seeding points is the most direct source of user points to a more rational system integration optimization, website intends to do the kind of points system to be adjusted. The new scoring system system I can see on this page. The new system is mainly made the following changes: Official resources to strengthen the protection of the official teams and collaborative team resources (HDWinG, HDWTV, iHD, HDChina, HDCTV, Kishd, HomeTheater, tudou ...) seeding will get extra bonus points. Offcial Torrents column. The old system, "seeding time integration" and "Seed size integral" optimized. Other parameters were improved ceiling increase gradient. Quality users will get more points. Defining standards and do the absolute conservation of species number 4 rose to 10, while reducing the total absolute conservation integral weights. Defining standards and do the absolute conservation of species number 4 rose to 10, while reducing the total absolute conservation integral weights. New hidden rewards, do those kinds of very good, will trigger the hidden reward points increased dramatically. Note that this page only shows the results of the new points system, the new system is not in use. Welcome to the forum user comments on the proposal put forward reasonable area systems integrator, we will further improve the new points system. When will then be put into the notice. Thanked the publisher, the publisher obtained by integrating 3, rose to 10. Follow-up, excellent commentators seeds will also get reward points. Website upgrade, integration will gradually have more uses, such as: a new convertible Medal, eliminating appraisal, purchase new props. Please pay attention to the site announcement. HDWinG Management Group
  13. Tracker and IRC are down at the moment. They should be fixed in a few hours. There is no need to worry if you get hit and runs as they will disappear once the tracker comes back online and registers the seeds. - GGn Staff
  14. Warner Bros. have removed a Greenpeace campaign video from YouTube in which the group criticizes LEGO for partnering with Shell. Greenpeace is outraged, describing the takedown request as an attack on free speech. The environmental group informs TF it will challenge the removal while encouraging its supporters to upload the video everywhere. Earlier this month Greenpeace released a new campaign in which it targets LEGO for promoting Shell on its toys. The campaign video titled “Everything is NOT Awesome†is inspired by the popular “Everything is Awesome†song, a callback to the LEGO movie. The video shows LEGO figures drowning in oil with a cover of the song playing in the background. Over the past several days more than three million people have watched the video on YouTube. However, a few hours ago the video suddenly became unavailable due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. TorrentFreak reached out to Greenpeace who informed us that the email YouTube sent doesn’t clarify on what grounds the video was taken down. The group assumes that the use of the song is the culprit, but says it won’t let this case go without a fight. “Our film was designed as a creative way of letting people know about the threat to the Arctic from Shell and the role LEGO has in the story. It seems to have struck a nerve with some important corporate bigwigs, but this crude attempt to silence dissent won’t work,†Greenpeace’s Ian Duff says. Greenpeace will appeal the takedown request, a process that can take up to 10 days to complete. In the meantime the group has uploaded the video to Vimeo, along with a call to its millions of social media followers and mailing list subscribers to re-upload it elsewhere. “We fully intend to challenge this claim, and we’re asking supporters to upload the video wherever they can,†Duff says. In the appeal Greenpeace will argue that the video uses satire and parody and that it is in the public interest. The video should therefore be protected under the right to free speech. This is not the first time that Greenpeace has had one of its campaign videos removed from YouTube. Previously a video featuring several Star Wars characters was taken down. The video was later reinstated after Greenpeace successfully appealed the takedown request. Warner Bros’ motivation for the takedown remains unclear. It seems unlikely that it is an automated request since there are still more than 700 video on YouTube that use the same ‘Everything is Awesome’ song. Whatever the reason may be, the takedown attempt will clearly backfire. During the days to come the rift between Greenpeace and Warner Bros. will be widely covered by the media while hundreds of copies of the video will be uploaded and shared.