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  1. watching: formula 1 doing my self: skiing (in winter, needs snow ), motorcycling in summer.
  2. windows built in: ctrl-print (complet desktop) or alt-print (current window) ... then paste into paint.
  3. ipad 2.... kids use it for gaming. also have a micro$oft surface RT... useless junk since I updated to 8.1 and there is no jailbreak for it (and the store sucks)
  4. fritto

    Watch Dogs.

    can't wait. preordered on steam for pc. this ones going to have kewl online modes.
  5. must have been Elite on the C64
  6. Game of Thrones currently. In he past: everthing Star Trek. ah and Battle Start Galactica (the new one) was great, too! So say we all
  7. 7/10 and I like the profile pic
  8. Everything from The Chronicles of Amber (a series of fantasy novels written by Roger Zelazny)
  9. I have been declared winner please close the thread
  10. I'm interested in an account. please tell me more, what are the next steps?
  11. I'm interested in an account. Please tell me more