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  1. xrubenx

    Who is your favourite Super Hero?

    O and Cyclops
  2. xrubenx

    Who is your favourite Super Hero?

    Batman Dark night
  3. xrubenx

    Favourite Movie Ever!

    Wedding Crashers and Step Brothers . They make me laugh everytime
  4. xrubenx

    Happy Diwali IS Members!

    Happy Diwali
  5. xrubenx

    New Year Resolutions 2014

    Not to get fat.
  6. xrubenx

    Should You Change Your Name After Marriage?

    Why wouldn't you ?
  7. xrubenx

    Best Private Tracker for TV Series?

    I agree with BITMEtv
  8. xrubenx

    [Forum Game] #Last Post Wins!

    Winning !
  9. Time Warner is the devil, Cant watch my dodgers !!
  10. Im going to hit you with a hammer if you don't straighten up
  11. xrubenx

    Gmail Officially Scans Your Emails

    what happened to privacy ?
  12. xrubenx

    Best e-learning tracker

    bitspyder by far
  13. xrubenx

    What's Your Favorite Horror Movie?

  14. xrubenx

    What is your best private tracker?

    Torrent day works for me
  15. xrubenx

    What is Your Favorite Book?

    Old School JAWS!