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  1. Power pop is a favorite. Love the sweepy beatles style vocals on just about anything. Folk, jazz, listen to a lot of classical especially romantic period.
  2. 9 - Hehe I'm remembering that Joni Mitchell song "God must be a boogie man", Mingus on the bass, with the Mingus gang chiming in as a chorus. Cool So how about - Joni Mitchell
  3. bonotree

    Watch Dogs.

    It sounds fricking amazing. I wonder how they generated so much buzz for it?
  4. I'm loving IPT and have done well with Docspedia.
  5. If not - I like that 28 (?) days later zombie movie. great one that.
  6. Sean of the dead. Does that count?
  7. Sometimes I think concern over tiered internet, and all this fussing about it, will disappear when we get some decent ultra-high speeds, like in Korea and Sweden.
  8. Peter O'Toole.... but... I think he up and died.
  9. I use the snipping tool that everyone is mentioning above. You can also simply do a "print screen" which is usually on your keyboard.
  10. Sting: Dream of the Blue Turtles. Right around that same time we got Jimmy Hendrix - Electric Lady Somethingerother