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  1. Because he needs to press cntrlAlt + Del a few 100 times
  2. I have watched them all why? because i love movies, i will give anything a watch (30mins) if i dont get into by then, its rubbish but i tend to like 9/10 films anyways
  3. 10/10 :hmmm: just to see if this thread picks up again
  4. Really thought i had it last time, but this time for sure
  5. Thanks for spending the time to let us all know about this open sign up
  6. i have a Iphone 6, thought i would upgrade.
  7. This site open sign ups is still open, it should of closed on the 17th but its still open so not sure for how long
  8. Trying to charge people rent! banned
  9. Messi, this guy is great and will be for years to come.
  10. Tracker Name : SPEED.CD Genre : General Review (If Any ) : Sign Up Link : Closing Time : 17th November Additional Information : Enjoy
  11. Thanks you for posting this for us all to share
  12. Thanks for update I love the fifa games, but sometimes they say there is a difference but the demos dont really show them good. but i have a play anyways and its safe to say i will be getting it for the xbox, well DL it anyways But thanks mate
  13. Hello All, is anyone else addicted to U.T.D? i think this storie line is brilliant, and each week leaves you desperate for more Hate waiting a week to see the next one and been dying to read the book but dont want to spoil it for myself. Under the dome, Supernatural and The Walking dead are 3 brilliant TV shows and a must watch