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  1. To add in my comment above: the book publishers, the music companies, the photography agencies will be the ones to bring out illegal and legal both kinds of content in digital format. This could be a reality in future...
  2. Tasha's words are saddening in their truthfulness: “It’s like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place in a way, because if I want to shoot content then I kinda have to shoot for [Mindgeek] because that’s the company that books me because they own…almost…everything,†At times I think what is happening in the porn will be eventually become, though in an improved format, the future of many businesses including photography and music.
  3. Oh that world of Esteros and Essos! I love the novels so much! Good for RR Martin, who imagined the classy fantasy...
  4. And well, I forgot to appreciate the wonderful picture above! It indicates how ridiculous the copyright trolls are! They may block the a little hole with rags papers, but what they you do to shut doors and windows?
  5. Shocking news, but will be ineffective. People will find new ways to access what they want. If something serious happens, however, to the piratebay, I shall be sad, very sad. I still cannot forget the day I saw demonoid down. I could not eat well for three days!
  6. Wow! Let me get back to reading the latest pirated book I downloaded!
  7. This is great news! After demonoid was brought down, we all have heavily depended on the piratebay. Congrats to the pirates!
  8. A passionately argued piece! You are right in implying that the means of communication have changed and the copyright industry will have to change their mindset drastically. I guess, the way arts, crafts and ideas are being sold has altered and novel means to handle the business will have to be devised. A point that I want to emphasise is this: we think of 'copyrights industry'--bust why don't we think about the writer, photographer, movie-maker, music-composer, I mean the individuals who create? How can we support that person's self interests in the new age?
  9. Right on dot! A proper and useful ranking would be a category-based listing. It would help novices and explorers, both. I saw a flow chart, here on IS, which was a wonderful job.
  10. Interested in e-books. Have learnt that could be an ideal one. Let me know the damages.