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  1. thank you m8! Best news for today
  2. does this link work? cause I try to get on that site and can't
  3. Tracker Name...: CGPeers Genre..........: Graphics Softwares / Tutorials / Misc Sign Up Link...: Closing Time...: N/A Review:
  4. I've used only one which I have it for 2 months now, got to 85MB/s download speed on one torrent, and upload wasn't that high on a single torrent, but still 70 MB/s, which I got to tell you is great, also I have no traffic limit, thats why some days I go nuts and get from 600gb-1tb traffic/day (its not my imagination ) The bad side of this one is: if you upload to a single person you do it to 700KB/s, top 1MB, but after that for every person added the speed gets higher with around 700KB/s, and ussually stays at 20-30MB/s depending on who you upload to. The support is great from my point of view. The seedbox goes sometimes down when I overload it, but only for 2-3 min.
  5. Looking for PassThePopcorn :)

  6. At first when I've logged in and seen 0 seeders and 0 leechers to alot of torrents was terified, but after reseaching a bit got to find quite a good part of the tracker very useful and still alive..... You've earned a R+T from me
  7. I have Invites on: TorrentDay: 2 invites XtremeZone: 20 invites, can more at any time GFxDomain: 1 invite, Hopefully soon maybe I'll add an invite to IpTorrents. Want just an invite on one of the following: Passthepopcorn (favorite) Bitme, BitmeTV Also will consider other offers if provided. PM me if you want me to provide ratio+seedbox proofs Hope someone will be able to help me Add Rep+Thanks!