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  1. hear much from tracker besides being super hard to get invitations for him ..... this is one of what I'm looking for, thanks for showing such review has to know how it is.
  2. very good review seems to be an excellent tracker
  3. Mutsuga

    Your first game?

    Super Mario World
  4. Tropa de Elite (Brazilian)
  5. Mutsuga

    Who is your favourite Super Hero?

    Iron Man
  6. Mutsuga

    Favourite Movie Ever!

    Fast and Furious All
  7. Mutsuga

    Favourite Artist/Band?

    David Guetta, Titanium
  8. Mutsuga

    Favourite TV-Shows

    Walking dead Game of Thrones marvel agents of shield Arrow Supernatural
  9. Mutsuga

    Who is your favorite actor/actress?

    Vin Diesel Paul Walker George Clooney Julia Roberts
  10. Mutsuga

    Favourite TV-Shows

    The Walking dead Game of Thrones