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  1. Hi, In basic box are 5 users per server, I can deliver 200mbps upload but well know, is relative rise can be much more ... try and ip is shared across 5 users but you can see the option to buy a ip we would have to talk to our supplier is In the future we will have OVH datacenter. greetings
  2. Hi everybody, first of all thank all of our customers and those who have supported us to make this little project possible we started just over 2 months ago ... As many of you know we have redesigned our website have added a new client area, so the management of your products will be much easier both for you and for us. Few days we have new plans, which include the following makes: Similarly if you want a custom share, let us know and the possibility should be considered. For users that you have hired an Seedbox with us, please sign in at our client area and add the product to your account and We have linked your product. The renewal, support and information would be managed from your account and would be much more practical and easy to use ...
  3. Hi, give me your e-mail for mp Regards. PD: I have already delivered 3 test seedbox with 1100Gb for 48h, I have no more test seedbox, we have available to hire only ...
  4. Hi all, we have updated the custom box from now will have a minimum of 250Gb, for any questions you can contact us through our website. Regards
  5. Transfer to an account in Spain Regards
  6. Thank you very much for the review, just as we must bear in mind that they are seedbox test, so there are many more users connected to the same server, so when you hire our services, both elite box and power box has a limit user power box 4 users and 3 users elite box, so the connection would be much better ... Greetings!
  7. ok, thank you, I can delete the test seedbox? since they are still working ... and the test ended yesterday xD