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  1. 2 X BitSpyder | 2 X LearnFlakes | 2 X MySpleen invites GA Rules: Apply here Add Like + Rep Add feedback after.
  2. Super Awesome GA. I really want to apply for Bithumen. Like + thanx added.
  3. Ooster

    10 X ffffound Accounts Giveaway

    Hi! AltCtrl very different GA. I would like to aplply for ffffound. Like + thanx added. Feedback on it's way.
  4. 1 X MacTorrents invite added. And dangerossman actually they open so often that many times I confused myself when to add or remove so I don't bother at all.
  5. Ooster


    http://d3sim.com/index.php?page=account Desi tracker. home of DesiMAniacs group.
  6. Ooster

    Open: BIT66.net | General

    Tracker Name: BIT66.net Genre: General Review (If Any ): N/A Sign Up Link: http://bit66.net/signup.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: BIT66.net is a Thai Private Torrent Tracker for 0-Day / General releases.
  7. Hi! BrBlackOut I would like to apply for confidencialpt. Thanx and Like added.
  8. HI! BrBlackOut I apply for b2s. Thanx + Rep added.
  9. Tracker Name: DeepSeek.Net Genre: General Review (If Any ): N/A Sign Up Link: http://deepseek.net/signup.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: DeepSeek.Net is a Bulgarian Private Torrent Tracker for General material.
  10. Ooster

    1 x PreToMe.info (PTM) Invite Giveaway

    Before you choose, I want to apply as well. (with even few chances) Like + Rep.
  11. Sorry dear. One invite per Invitee. Hope you can understand. So, choose the one you really want and then Apply here.