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  1. StayPuft84

    (Have) TVChaosUK (Want) BitHQ

    Have an invite to the UK TV/Movie site TvChaosUK looking for an invite to the DVD site BitHQ.
  2. StayPuft84

    [WANT] Ethor [HAVE] A lot

    PM Sent
  3. (Have) BitHUmen, MMA Tracker, Diablo torrent, Teracod, TVStore, TvTorrents and more... (Want) ,Cinemageddon
  4. D you have Cinemageddon Invite as I have Brokenstones
  5. StayPuft84

    Looking for karagarga invite

    I have an invite to Karagarga and would like the Cinemageddon invite. Send it to And send me your email to send the invite to.
  6. Have a account for Rare Movie site Surreal Moviez looking for an account for the currently closed BitHQ.