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    My wife, my kids, my dog, MTBing, music, beer ... not always in that order.
  1. Clutch for closing my eyes just chillin. Seether for driving. White Zombie or Powerman 5000 working out or riding my MTB
  2. Sad to admit, was in high school before CD players were even out for public sale ... anyway, Eddy Money self titled was my first. First CD player was a Technics single disc player about the size of a modern day receiver. cost $500+ and back then CDs were stupid expensive also ...
  3. I archive all my CDs as FLAC, then can burn discs for my car and don't worry about wrecking the original. Also, can then rip down for iPod or Android use. For a lossy format, I definitely prefer a V0 MP3 format approx 245 kbps variable. I burn MP3 discs for my car at this. Can jam a ton on a disc and still have very good audio quality.