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  1. I have an old EOTI account with original email adress looking for big offers or money
  2. I am looking for CHDBits account with email send me a PM if interested
  4. INDIAN Private Torrent Tracker for INDIAN MOVIES
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  11. the new domain
  12. New Category Icons! Our open registration period has now ended and we have returned to invite only. We have now updated our category icons, if they are not showing correctly for you please clear your internet cache and refresh the torrents page. This was done to make sure all of our icons were using the same theme. We hope you like them. Thanks goes to pink4f8blue for creating them. bG Staff
  13. Open the register is officially closed .. Start your leech and seed, your account have not activity (seed or leech) in 2~3 days.. we will disable your account .. we only need active users .. not just to register for FUN! there is NO WORD FUN in our dictionary.. cherish your account.. LTTi has no advertisements, is not sponsored, and provides its services free of charge. For these reasons, LTTi's financial obligations can only be met with the help of voluntary user donations. Supporting LTTi is and will always remain voluntary. If you are financially able, help pay LTTi's bills by donating. LTTi's survival is up to you. LTTi uses all voluntary donations to cover the costs of running the site, tracker, and IRC network. These costs represent the hardware the site runs on (e.g., servers, upgrades, fixes, etc.), and recurring operating expenses (e.g., hosting, bandwidth, power, etc.). visit :
  14. Cinefy is a brand new service that allows users to stream movie and TV-torrents directly to their browser, with no external torrent clients, plugins or video players needed. The unique "patent pending" technology streams videos on-the-fly, and works on pretty much any device that has a browser. cinefyA few weeks ago a new piece of software called “Popcorn Time†made headlines around the world. The key to this success was the app’s sheer simplicity, something that was missing from most of the earlier torrent streaming services. Today, a new torrent streaming service launched, one that’s just as simple, but doesn’t require any extra software. Using only HTML5 technology, Cinefy can stream video torrents directly to a browser. There is no need to install any software or plugins and it works on every platform. This is not limited to PCs and laptops either, since it also includes mobile devices and game consoles. TorrentFreak caught up with the main developer Rich, who says that the main motivation to develop the service was to see if it was possible to make a torrent streaming tool without any additions. “We started the project for the sheer challenge of seeing if we could stream torrents directly to the browser without any other software,†Rick explains to TF. The result is a web service that looks awfully simple, but works as advertised. Similar to Popcorn Time, it taps into a database of YTS movies, but users can also stream other videos by pasting a magnet link into the search box. “Right now you can search for movies, which come from YTS, but Cinefi will play any torrent or magnet link, except videos encoded in AVI. Just paste and click,†Rich says. As can be seen below, a trailer of the fourth Game of Thrones season plays just fine after a few seconds of loading time. As with any torrent streaming service, the playback is the smoothest for files that have relatively many seeders. Cinefy is closed source and uses a “patent-pending technology†which blends several HTML5 technologies. According to the developer, this makes it the first torrent streaming service of its kind, and since it doesn’t depend on extra software, it can be used by pretty much anyone, anywhere. Of course, the entertainment industries are not going to cheer on this development, but the technology itself isn’t infringing on any copyrights according to the Cinefy team. In fact, they advise people not to use the service in any way that might break the law. “As stated on the site, the site is legal to use, but downloading illegal torrents isn’t. We don’t encourage any illegal activity on the site. We do not host or store any torrents,†Rich tells TF. “We merely provide the technology and it is up to the user’s discretion,†he adds. Those who are interested can head over to and take the service for a spin, with this torrent for example. It’s free to use, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.