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  1. Copy/Paste news from our tracker
  2. I think we found a bug. Now there should be no more problems
  3. Are you maybe using a proxy ? Try it now, if u want write a personal message with your IP and i get you more specific answer.
  4. FreakLeech (FLN) | Signup: Login: Forget your password: Genre: General | 0-day Site Language: English Tracker Statistic (24.06.2014 at 13:10) Simple desing, better bonus points system even when you are seeding a torrent, open new topic on forum..., you wil get a few bonus points per torrent and per hour, then you can use that bonus points for upload. Quality torrents with no crapy ones, FreeLeech days! Official FB page (We also offer support via FB group) Official Twitter page Topic created by staff members of We wish that this is the only official thread in this forum.