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    Self-improvement, boxing, martial arts, meditation.
  1. CatDogsRefuge

    Your first game?

    Pit Fall.
  2. CatDogsRefuge

    Best Action Hero Ever ?

    +1 Bruce Willis
  3. CatDogsRefuge

    Favourite Movie Ever!

    The Natural
  4. CatDogsRefuge

    Best movie of 2013 ?

    American Hustle
  5. CatDogsRefuge

    What Was The Funniest Movie Ever?

    Lots of good movies mentioned above. Big Lebowski, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, Old School, and Bottle Rocket are all great. I'm gonna go with History of the World: Part 1
  6. CatDogsRefuge

    What was the last movie you've seen?

    The last movie you saw was in 1985 or happened to be made in 1985? Last movie I watched was This Is the End. 9/10 maybe 10/10. Very funny.
  7. CatDogsRefuge

    What's Your Favorite Horror Movie?

    Hmmmm....Friday the 13th.
  8. CatDogsRefuge

    What is Your Favorite Anime Series?

    Haha. +1 Cowboy Bebop.
  9. CatDogsRefuge

    What is Your Favorite Book?

    Watership Down.
  10. CatDogsRefuge

    Favourite TV-Shows

    The First 48 Pawn Stars Tosh.0
  11. John Carpenter.