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  13. US telecommunications giant AT&T has been awarded a patent for a bitcoin-powered ‘decentralized and distributed home subscriber server’ device. According to records from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), AT&T filed its first patent application over two years ago on April 6, 2015, before ultimately being awarded the patent on May 30th. A ‘home subscriber server’ is the master database that enables the delivery of IP media services on a network for a home user. Details from the patent reveal AT&T’s plan for a decentralized home subscriber system in a peer to peer network of base station devices sharing a database on a blockchain. In the event of a node outage or a cyberattack faced by a node, the distributed home server system would not be affected. Notably, AT&T is looking at building such an application over the Bitcoin blockchain, rather than opting to choose a private blockchain which is increasingly becoming a common trend among companies adopting the innovative decentralized technology. “[T] the disclosed decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system can leverage the Bitcoin blockchain; the distributed database in the bitcoin infrastructure. Moreover, in accordance with additional and/alternative embodiments, the decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system can employ a peer-to-peer network of nodes involved in the decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system to operate their own internal distributed block chain,” read an excerpt from the patent filing. The filing reveals AT&T’s understanding of the robustness of the public Bitcoin blockchain, furthering underlining its aversion to using its own implementation of a blockchain. The patent application explained: Few other details are known and the patent represents one of the earliest publicly-known efforts of AT&T foraying to explore the use of blockchain technology.
  14. Makrand, a fictitious name used for a Bengaluru data scientist and bitcoin investor, got his bitcoinaccount hacked at Unocoin, an exchange for digital currencies in India, with him losing approximately 120,000 INR (about $1,870) within a few minutes. On June 1, Makrand logged into his Unocoin account using the smartphone app of the exchangewith the intention to purchase BTC. As soon as the transaction was complete, he received an email from Unocoin with a link to reset his password. The email was almost immediately followed by another confirming the successful password reset. When Makrand checked his account, he realized that there were two unauthorized transactions, one for 0.40049 BTC and the other for 0.3005 BTC, followed by a third with the same amount as the last one, but, fortunately, it did not go through. “The thing with Bitcoin is that the users behind the transactions are anonymous until and unless they voluntarily reveal their identity,” Makrand said in an interview with the news publication FactorDaily. However, the hack was not easy. To gain access to Makrand’s bitcoin wallet, the criminal or criminals needed to get inside the victim’s Gmail account to obtain the password reset link, and needed access to Makrand’s phone number, on which he receives the OTP (one-time password) for transaction authentication. After Makrand researched the hack, he discovered that the breach was done from an IP address based in Chicago, US from a service called QuadraNet. However, this information is not sure, since there are numerous different proxies and VPN services, which could be used to mask someone’s IP address. Soon after the breach, Makrand tried to move his balance out of his account, however, Unocoin stopped him from doing so, and fortunately, the third transaction of the hackers too. After that, Makrand visit to Unocoin’s office to seek solution for the problem. He was asked by an executive to file a complaint about the two transactions, and promised Makrand that they will cooperate with the cybercrime division of the police. Unocoin also said that they have three or four of these hacks per month, totalling the number to nine cases. Unocoin showed full cooperation with Makrand, saying that they will share logs for logins and transactions with the affected user or authorities for further investigation.
  15. Nevada has become the first U.S. state to approve a bill that prohibits local government from imposing taxation restrictions on the use of the blockchain technology. It was previously reported by CCN that Nevada lawmakers had sent Senate Bill 398 to Governor Brian Sandoval’s office for signatory approval early this week. The bill was first proposed by senator Ben Kieckhefer on 20 March to establish a legal framework for the people of Nevada using a distributed ledger. It was also established to ensure that the state maintained pace with the technology’s developments. In April, the bill advanced after it received the full backing from Nevada senators with a 21-0 vote as they voted to recognize the blockchain tax bill. It also passed in the House of Representatives. Now placed into state law, the bill prohibits: The signing the bill into law makes Nevada the first state to prevent local jurisdictions from taxing or imposing restrictions on the use of a distributed ledger technology. It could also help pave the way for other states who are considering the technology’s use and how it can be implemented into state law. Arizona is also embracing the technology. In March, the state passed its own blockchain bill giving smart contracts and blockchain signatures legally binding status after passing a vote of 28-1. Recently signed into law by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the bill has now become official state law. The bill states: