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  1. I think V0 needs a mention. 320kbps depending on the song wastes too much space
  2. Galaxy Note it's awesome, although I might look into the surface soon
  3. Basketball but it's been hard to be into this year since I'm a Knick fan
  4. Love their Flacs and you never have to worry about bad uploads which is common like in waffles and
  5. It's pretty new but it's coming along pretty great. it's an awesome source to find music without having to constantly worry about ratio
  6. Super Marion world on the SNES
  7. 01000111 is the letter G in the binary alphabet 8/10 is that's what you were going for
  8. With how BlackCats-Games demise looking more of a possibility, hopefully these Bitgamer makes a comeback
  9. 1000 users only? Is this tracker ratioless? Can't imagine being able to keep up with ratio is that's not the case