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  1. Hi , so im trying to learn all of this from scratch, not knowing , yet, about seedboxes and private trackers. Just the bits of basic info i come across and read up on...much like this post, which was very helpful btw. Thanks ^^. So basically my main goal from all of this in a nut shell is to get early releases of anime and tv episodes before they appear on the average anime, tv streaming websites. I kind of get my episodes , waiting for such sites to upload them. Some sites are faster than others. But then i start to think "Where are THEY getting their episodes from?" ....and as i dug deeper...i started coming across terms like "private trackers" and "seedboxes". And so here i am. Not really knowing if i am in the right place to be asking about this ....if i am way over my head by being part of this community , which i got an invite to, I just want to know where to begin =/ ....i got invited to this community for some reason . I really dont want that oppotunity to go to waste. This seems like such a good place to start learning. Can someone please help me out here , show me where to begin, or give me the basics of how to achieve my goal? Thanks.