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  1. drazen

    Best Music Videos

  2. drazen

    Favourite Movie Ever!

    The Shawshank Redemption
  3. Martin Scorsese is best!
  4. drazen

    What Laptop Brand you got ?

    I have HP however I like DELL more!
  5. drazen

    Star Trek Continues

    nice idea but it would be good that they start recording real series again!
  6. I like DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman
  7. drazen

    Best movie of 2013 ?

    I would say gravity also
  8. drazen

    Favourite TV-Shows

    This is my list: Breaking bad Star trek Malcolm in the middle
  9. Hello, I have Torrentleech invitation. I'm memeber there from 2006. I want to trade it for PassThePopcorn inivitation if possible. Thanks, Drazen