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  1. It depends. According to some of the information I have read, Most of the PS4 games only scale up to 720p and some, very few, are of 1080p. However, Xbox One, most games of which are of 720p. Not even a single one is 1080p. Of course, for better quality of video gaming, would go for PS4. However, as of now, none of them still don't fit the need, so I won't bother with them.
  2. CHD encodes only movies with 1.5 dts sound, but HDwinG right now seems to embed the original dts from Bluray with subtitles. Afterall, both have their own merits.
  3. Yeah...Even USA doesn't have as fast the speed and people have to pay a lot more for just a bit of faster internet connection. Your speed is really amazing.