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  1. I've been using Dediseedbox for several months now. I don't get the best of storage space (400GB, I think) but it's only $15USD a month and I can get killer speeds, depending on seeder/leecher connections. It's an entirely web interface to your box (utorrent) and you ftp to bring stuff home. The box itself has gone as high as several MB/s on several torrents simultaneously (and in both directions, but again, it depends on the speed of who is connecting). My home connection isn't the greatest but I've gone close to 4MB/s downloading from the box myself via ftp. Usually it's around 1.3MB/s but again my connection isn't that great. Overall, I like the service. My ratios remain high, and no prying eyes are connecting directly to my PC. I haven't really noticed any down time either. Once it was acting weird, but I logged into my account and sent the box a reset command. Simple. Problem solved.
  2. I've not been able to find even a member of that tracker (passesforthemasses) much less, someone who has an invite. I have 2 invites for BKG at the moment so I will give the first one up to the first person that requests it. I Want to save the second in case someone wants to trade for P4TM. Also, is OPEN for new users at the moment. Register while you can! While you're there, you can see my profile (urherenow) to see that I'm an elite user there and my ratio is over 3 with more than 3TB uploaded.