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  1. just wanted to say this is still up for grabs
  2. I am giving away my Torrent Day account , this is very very easy to seed and get bonus points with a great selection and very fast pretimes ! If you have 10 rep points and 2 positive feedbacks in this forum pm me to apply for this ! Good luck
  3. thread will be locked now as Bogar won the account!
  4. @ hey been a while ! thanks for warm welcome! started torrenting again so you will see me pop in from time to time!
  5. @amazinghorse very nice to be back! will pop in once in a while! have a great week
  6. I have 1 Torrent Leech VIP account to give away. You must have 10 reputation points and send me a speedtest and 1 ratio proof in order to successfully apply! Pm me only ! questions here will not be accepted ! Good luck!
  7. hi mindhacker well your reputation is certainly excellent and you meet all the requirements and seem to be a very active member here so you win the account don't forget to give me feedback I will send you a pm now
  8. HI IS this will be my last giveaway ever as it is my last account! 1 VIP Torrent Shack account with 4 invites You can make requests as I have donated ratioless so very easy to seed Applicants must 10 rep points and 2 feedbacks ! Can apply here or pm me but people without those requirements will be ignored Enjoy
  9. Hi I have an IP Torrents account that will be VIP till end of November and has 6 invites as well! If you have 2 feedbacks and a rep of 10 points then please apply if you don't already have an IPT account! You can pm me !
  10. 1 VIP Torrent Day account with 5 invites ! Requirements: 2 feedbacks and 10 rep points Please pm me if you are interested and WILL use the account and use it only for personal use