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  1. this is awesome new romanian tracker Enabled users: 2,101 Details Users active today: 875 (41.65%) Users active this week: 1,985 (94.48%) Users active this month: 1,988 (94.62%) Torrents: 1,042 Releases: 8 Artists: 8 "Perfect" FLACs: 1 Requests: 1 (100.00% filled) Peers: 2,546 Seeders: 2,431 Leechers: 115 Seeder/leecher ratio: 21.13
  2. all this is for nothing we can lose our accounts at any moment. IS where is my old account with manny posts, giweways and repp points? it's all a big hoax. Do not think what that guys say you. this site is unsecured
  3. its a new tracker isn`t that old tracker...only the name is same