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  1. Happy New Year IS Community, Lots of Love.
  2. Dear Users, In our Christmas tree decoration game, we have selected twenty pictures that we have judged to be the best. The final decision is in your hands - by voting. In the vote below, you can click on the user names to view the Christmas tree for that name. The vote will close on the morning of January 11th!
  3. New contest Find solved cases in the "ID requests" forum and get 500 credits for each! (6th edition) Be EMPornium's detective! - Round 6!! Help us mark all correctly answered threads with a [SOLVED] tag! Thread: Find solved cases in the "ID requests" forum and get 500 credits for each! (6th edition) Discuss this post here
  4. LUCKY DRAW WINNERS! game.php ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS to all the Lucky Draw Winners. For those that won any amount of VIP/FREELEECH that INCLUDES IPTV/VOD and those that won Upload credit, all profiles have been updated. Those that won actual prizes still need to contact SceneTime via PM Click the little envelope to send a PM here Check out the winners on this thread
  5. Google Translation: NEW RULES Pay attention. Please read / re-read the rules, especially the upload rules! You can find them here: According to these rules: It is forbidden to upload any material from, sourced or encoded from sources such as CAM, TS, HDCAM, HDTS. Great attention also to the subtitles in Romanian! Google translate subtitles, those containing advertisements to other trackers and / or online movie sites or poor quality ones are not accepted! Any torrent that does not comply with these rules will be erased without warning and the uploader sanctioned, regardless of its status on the tracker! Thank you for understanding! ICE TEAM
  6. Regarding latest issues: Back end issues we are trying to figure out. As of right now we need to manually restart it whenever it goes down.