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  1. [Hidden Content]
  2. Regarding latest issues: Back end issues we are trying to figure out. As of right now we need to manually restart it whenever it goes down.
  3. Members to be deleted In the next 7 days, any member who has not been on the site for over 4 wks, will be deleted and ip banned, so members will not be allowed to re register. Cbtv is for members, who wish to use the site. We will be closing our doors soon and be invite only, so if you wish to keep your account active, please pay a visit to the site, thank you. Staff
  4. Well we were going to get another server in Sept but we had another HD failure so now Twilight has all new drives and new memory. If we run fine now we will keep our server. If I have any other hardware like the motherboard since that is all that is left we will change it.
  5. Global Double upload mode activated! 1 day, 20 hours, 29 minutes, 08 seconds
  6. IRC Key added! Use your own key. As requested you can now use your own irc key. U can change it in your profile (the security tab) I have copied the passkey in the irc key field for existing users so that the autodl bots keep working. Read more in the forums »
  7. Google Translation: Hey you over there! ... ... Yes you! Do you feel like strengthening our team? You as an Uploader, provide users (and staff) with beautiful uploads! Think of films / programs / e-books / navigation / xxx / music You have a great connection and you love uploading! Sign up quickly As a Moderator you are the point of contact for your users! You check whether there is no "hit & run", where necessary you control this. You yourself have an exemplary function, so a net profile is a requirement. You like contact and are friendly. You ensure that uploads stay alive! Does one of them appeal to you? Then sign up as an Uploader or Moderator and come and strengthen our pleasant team! Send this manager or this manager a PM See you soon! The staff