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  1. Tracker maintenance this weekend As most of you have already noticed, the tracker has been very unstable for the past two days. In order to identify and fix the problem we are going to take the tracker offline over the weekend. We do hope to have fixed the problem until then. You can keep your clients running but don't be alarmed by tracker errors showing up. This post will be updated once we have any news to share. Discuss this post here
  2. GFXPeers main server suspended ! We need to collect Last month donation for our Servers, Click this link and Help Us: Or We work every day and night and brings you all latest download free in GFXPeers, So if our services use full for you, Kindly spend some money to keep it running. Thank you If we help in yours works or study, please spend some money for us to pay ours servers Team GFXDomain
  3. 5 Apr 2021 - [ENDED] April's audiobook uploading contest
  4. Celebration of the Finest of Arts: Hentai Day Upload Event 2021 May 6th, the day everybody around the world cums together to celebrate the finest of arts, the ultimate evolution of animation, & the most nuanced form of expression human kind has ever created...HENTAI! To celebrate Hentai Day over the course of three days we will be giving out shiny rewards for Torrents that fall under the Hentai umbrella. To read more and submit your entry use the forum thread Pornbay's Hentai Day 2021 Upload Event
  5. May-02-21 - :: HKR Hello, As much as i hate to ask again and again we once again need your help to keep HDME up and running! There are no donations since the past 2-3months and we have a very hard time keeping up with things this way so i request members to pls help out no matter how big or small it might be.... We are also offering 3x upload credit on donations over 20eur. HKR
  6. - 2021-05-03 May the Fourth flash freeleech. Enjoy.
  7. Error 522 Ray ID: 64abe2187b88c33b • 2021-05-05 18:03:32 UTC Connection timed out The site is down for the time being.
  8. Freeleech All Torrents Free Thanks to donations all torrents are free. set by manicmac Until 8 May 2021 (5d 00:14:52 to go)
  9. Example of How to create, upload, and do the initial seeding on a torrent using qbittorrent Example of How to create, upload, and do the initial seeding on a torrent using qbittorrent Yes, I know this video shows PTF in the process. But just pretend until I get a moment to make one specifically for PB sponix
  10. Listener's choice 2021 Enter your picks here 2021 Listener's Choice: May 2nd Entries are freeleech at least for one week Enter your picks here
  11. We are expierencing technical difficulties. Sorry for the inconvienance. Simon Wiltshire, you still suck donkey bawls.
  12. The HnR schedule is working now
  13. A NOTE REGARDING THE INVITES You are free to invite as much people as you want. Invite trading is strictly prohibited. Do not send invites to absolute strangers you meet on the internet. Do not attempt to invite yourself. Do not attempt to invite the same person again.
  14. We're back! And with news !!! 16 hours and 18 mins ago Toggle Hello, as you know through the channel we had problems with the datacenter where BT is hosted, unfortunately that machine died, but as we are cautious the database has daily backups in a safe place. So I'm here to announce some important points about the site, it is not abandoned, on the contrary, the number of users and seeders grew exponentially in relation to the previous months and this makes the team very happy. This exhibition then brought some modifications to maintain the safety of those who take care of the website, first point: - We no longer have a donation system, one of our founders is responsible for paying for the website's costs, which until then were not very high. - This new update corrected several problems and brought new problems that were corrected, now we use the most updated versions of the system and the programming language. - Unfortunately the points store is temporarily unavailable, the programmer unfortunately lost the last code with the news he had written for the points store, I hope you will forgive him. - Now, this was a critical update, we use encryption to store data on BT's servers as in the future we will organize for backups to be uploaded in encrypted files, so you are part of the most secure tracker in Brazil. - The administration of the site now has a secure channel to chat, with all encrypted content, far from any problems. Anyway, let's take care of the site little by little and continue sowing. Always BT ❤️ Chat with us here: forums.php? Action = viewthread & threadid = 480
  15. Topic: Report on the 'piggy bank' - negative balance. Dear users, dear friends! We would like to thank the users who supported the "Piggy bank" and ask everyone to take an active part. If, of course, we are interested in the appearance of new products - at the moment we are in a small minus, but for some time we will be able to buy new items at our own expense. The report for the previous period can be viewed here and we remind you that we will be grateful to those who supported this section in the form of adding various bonuses. Taking this opportunity, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming holidays and wish you a good time! Thank you for being with us!