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  1. loubat has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following films have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. The Runaways The Notebook A Perfect Getaway AC/DC: Let There Be Rock Green Lantern Molly's Game Abominable Thanks to users Susanooeyes, asterior_poylp, 1920x1080p, loubat, and Amras who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  2. Dear users, We have been at the drawing board again, and this time it was time to shed some light on the request section. We have made it a little more attractive to use, and we can now announce that one's bounty is no longer lost when a request expires after 3 months - this also applies to other users who have voted for a request that will be refunded. Neither will the bounty be lost if the request is deleted by yourself, Torrent Moderator or staff. Happy requesting! Link: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=72840 // Staff
  3. Română Am hotărât că e mai înțelept să păstrăm și domeniul În concluzie, domeniile noastre sunt și Tratați orice alt domeniu ca și scam. În cazul în care va fi nevoie și de alte domenii le vom anunța din timp. De asemenea, odată cu luarea deciziei de păstrare a domeniului .org, începând din acest moment, toate torrente-le descărcate vor utiliza specificația BEP12. Pe scurt: În lista de trackere de la fiecare torrent descărcat din acest moment vor apărea: și; În momentul în care clientul de torrent eșuează să facă announce pe adresa principală, acesta va comuta pe adresa cealaltă (lucru valabil și invers). English We have decided it's wiser to also keep the domain. Meaning that our domains are and Treat any other domain as a scam. If or when we'll need to use other domains we will announce it in advance. Also, by keeping the .org domain, effective this moment, all torrents that you download will use the BEP12 specification. Without going into technical details: The tracker list of every torrent downloaded from now on will contain and; If the torrent client will fail announcing to the primary addres, it will swich to the secondary address (the opposite is true as well).
  4. Time to get out a bit. (But remember to keep your distance and wash your hands) Freeleech is over! - Ole
  5. China Unicom subscriber line Unicom line users have difficulty accessing the site, please try the following domain name:
  6. Space_Tune has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following films have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Spielberg McHale's Navy Thanks to users Susanooeyes, Space_Tune, and asterior_poylp who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  7. An intermittent tracker problem has been addressed and plans are being discussed to avoid a recurrence. Apologies for not thinking to throw something up here sooner! -wtferret
  8. Space_Tune has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following film has been randomly selected and is now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Bad Times at the El Royale Thanks to users Susanooeyes, noirallnight, Space_Tune, Lerxst, and loubat who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
  9. Hello all. Every year I reward those who help renew our domains. You will also become immune to seeding %. Our .org is 35 euros Our .is is 60 euros If you help renew for a year you get 10 years freeleech enabled on your account. This privilege is getting more rare to get as our tracker grows. I am hoping for 2 year renewal for each so I've left room for 4 people to be rewarded, or just 1 depending on how the renewal gets spread out. Open a staff ticket with your blockchain link Bitcoin: bc1qzf99suj7df88hhs7cv93fsa8yp6natmyzfudw8 bitcoincash:qq9cr3qtm45df0kr4kzt3kxa5s73e3dsry9t2amf9g Use these addresses, do not use your account address. We do not take paypal, only crypto. You can get bitcoin easily through coinbase, cashapp, and many other services if you just search. There are even apps in the app store on your phone where you can now purchase coin.
  10. DONATIONS.... DONATE ANY AMOUNT BEFORE THE TIME ABOVE RUNS OUT... GET 2 WEEKS FREELEECH AND 25GB ADDED TO YOUR UPLOAD. DONATION WILL BE MATCHED AND THE REWARD WILL BE DOUBLED! ------------ Check out THCs Director's Commentary Project. ------------ Congratulations to mpup54 for The American Poop Movie (2006) DOWNLOAD Submit your offers for the next Free Movie of the Week Click Here ------------ STAFF PICK OF THE MONTH DOWNLOAD ------------ DOWNLOAD SPotW FORUM ------------ May Theme of the Month! Click for TotM uploads Post your suggestions for Junes Theme ------------ Join us in IRC Saturday May 16th at 7PM EDT for DOWNLOAD
  11. Reseed Individual Episodes as a Complete Season Why would I need to do this? How do I do it? Tidying Up. Don't wait for others to do it. Why would I need to do this? A couple of days or so after the finale of a season, a show's individual episodes will be combined into a Complete Season. When this happens, the individual Episodes will be Trumped and Deleted from the tracker, and you will in all probability receive an Unregistered Torrent error in your torrent client for the single Episodes. Although it is quite safe to remove and delete the single Episodes at this point from your client, with a little time and effort you can continue seeding the individual Episodes you've already downloaded as a Complete Season and continue to receive Cubits for them. This article describes how to re-seed individual Episodes when a Complete Season has been created and the individual Episodes are Trumped and Deleted from the tracker. The implementation of this method will vary between torrent clients, please refer to your torrent instructions, or one of the other guides on how to perform the actions. How do I do it? First you must make sure that the Complete Season contains the files you already have. Normally season packs are made from the episodes already on NBL. However, occasionally different episode releases are included in the Complete Season. If this is the case, you will either need to skip the different release, or download it to complete the season (if you would like to earn bonus points for seeding, you will need to download the missing episodes in order to seed the whole season). Either way, you'll need to check whether you have the correct files. To do this first visit the Browse page and use Advanced Search. In this example we are going to create a Complete Season for the show named Snowfall but we want only 720p WEB-DL episodes. As you can see in the image below it very easy indeed to do. The principle is the same for example if you wanted 1080p instead of 720p then simply make sure you replace 720p with 1080p in the Tags field. (click image to enlarge) Tidying Up If you have moved/copied in an individual episode file, and it was not recognized by the torrent client as being part of the Complete Season, you should delete it from the Complete Season directory - it's just wasting space. Once you've successfully moved the individual episode files into the Complete Season, you should use your torrent client to delete the individual episode torrents (and their data). Once they are deleted from the tracker, your stats will no longer be tracked, and having two copies of the same file is just a waste of space. Don't wait for others to do it. Don't wait for others to create the Complete Season when the season has ended. Creating it yourself is a terrific way for you to contribute to the site and the community and help staff and fellow members alike. // So say we all Discuss this post here
  12. Happy New Year IS Community, Lots of Love.
  13. Dear Users, In our Christmas tree decoration game, we have selected twenty pictures that we have judged to be the best. The final decision is in your hands - by voting. In the vote below, you can click on the user names to view the Christmas tree for that name. The vote will close on the morning of January 11th!
  14. New contest Find solved cases in the "ID requests" forum and get 500 credits for each! (6th edition) Be EMPornium's detective! - Round 6!! Help us mark all correctly answered threads with a [SOLVED] tag! Thread: Find solved cases in the "ID requests" forum and get 500 credits for each! (6th edition) Discuss this post here
  15. LUCKY DRAW WINNERS! game.php ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONGRATULATIONS to all the Lucky Draw Winners. For those that won any amount of VIP/FREELEECH that INCLUDES IPTV/VOD and those that won Upload credit, all profiles have been updated. Those that won actual prizes still need to contact SceneTime via PM Click the little envelope to send a PM here Check out the winners on this thread