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  1. Hi Everyone!, We don't normally advertise like this, however we've just launched all new plans, in a new datacenter in the US, with the the most premium bandwidth providers you could possibly get. Not to mention Plex support! We notice that many users want Plex (and although there's now a few providers supporting Plex, streaming isn't always viable because of network congestion and/or bad routes.) so we want to give people a proper solution. If you've had problems streaming or even downloading(FTP,sFTP, HTTP etc) from your box before, definitely give us a try. Onto our plans: * **Storm 1TB** - 1TB Hard Drive space, 3TB Upload bandwidth - $20 /month * **Storm 2TB** - 2TB Hard Drive space - 6TB Upload bandwidth - $40 /month * **Storm 3TB** - 3TB Hard Drive space - 10TB Upload Bandwidth (dedicated disk - 2.7TB usable) - $60 /month Double your bandwidth for only $4/7/10 a month (open a ticket!) All plans come with Plex support, 1Gbit download / 400Mbit upload and very premium bandwidth. We also have a 72 hour money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please open a ticket for a full refund. Pro-rated thereafter (including bandwidth usage). Note in our other 2 locations (Chicago and NL) we provide dedicated IPs and we also allow public trackers. We currently have pretty limited slots available in the new d/c, however more slots will be added in the next 3-4 days as we ramp up hardware deployment. **FAQ:** * No Public trackers allowed on our Washington DC servers * Plex is fully supported. Open a ticket to get it installed. Bandwidth used for streaming currently doesn't count. * Only bitorrent upload is counted towards your bandwidth quota * We accept PayPal, Credit Card (Stripe) and Bitcoins * Bigger discounts available for longer term pre-payments (3,6 and 12 months - check cart for details) * SSH access provided * Deluge and rTorrent officially supported. Feel free to run Transmission yourself.